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March 3, 2000Volume 28, Number 23

A very moving work of art

Fans of Marcel Duchamp lined up in the Yale University Art Gallery on Feb. 18 to see the Surrealist's motorized sculpture "Rotary Glass Plate" in operation. When viewed head-on, while they are whirling, the sculpture's lined glass plates create the optical illusion of concentric circles. Although the work has been on view in the gallery's collections since 1941, it spent most of that time in a stationary state. The sculpture was restored to working condition earlier this year by Gary Haller, the Becton Professor of Engineering and Applied Science (pictured in background), and Peter Kindlmann, professor of electrical engineering. The recent demonstration of the piece opened a two-day symposium at the Yale Art Gallery on Duchamp and contemporary artist Jasper Johns


Yale to construct $176 million building for medical research and education

Hockey player is humanitarian outside the rink

Scientist invents device for at-home testing of glaucoma

Professor brings presidential expertise to PBS series

Test reveals voters' unconscious presidential preferences

Executive decries 'disturbing trends' in the media

Writer describes her passion for her craft at master's tea

Study shows tongue's temperature affects taste

Alumna extols virtues of studying math

Seminar seeks to spark interest on Latino health issues

Yale surgeon is using a new, less-invasive treatment for easing carpal tunnel syndrome

Veteran sports writers help Yale journalists hone their craft

Law School colloquium to explore welfare 'reform'

Researchers discover role of 'duet' in cell function

Musical Break

Neuroscientist is honored by Danish university

Dr. Sherwin Nuland will discuss early myths about the body at book signing

A very moving work of art

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