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May 25, 2001Volume 29, Number 31Three-Week Issue

Anika Singh, Eyi Tuakli-Wosornu and Michael Clifford Motto received the Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize.

Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize

The Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize is awarded to members of the senior class for commitment to and capacity for public service.

The prizes were presented during Senior Class Day exercises on May 20 to three students: Eyi Tuakli-Wosornu of Timothy Dwight College, Michael Clifford Motto of Silliman College and Anika Singh of Branford College.

The honors were presented by Steven B. Smith, professor of political science and master of Branford College, who is the chair of the Council of Masters' Committee on Awards. His remarks follow.

Eyi Tuakli-Wosornu

You have been notable for your commitment to African-American issues and the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale. You have served as events coordinator of the center and editor-in-chief of the center's newsletter; you were the founder of "Vision of Virtue," a Christian mentoring group that pairs black women from Yale with high school children from the community; and also founder of "10,000 Tongues," an inter-Ivy gospel festival; and a cofounder of Kwonjo!, a student African dance troupe. You have run and participated in workshops in New Haven public schools building reading and writing skills. You were elected to Phi Beta Kappa in the autumn
of your senior year and graduate tomorrow with a B.A. in American studies.

Michael Clifford Motto

You have served as a tutor in New Haven public schools under the aegis of the TIES program, have volunteered at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and have worked to refurbish the New Haven Battered Women's Shelter. In addition, you have served as a student representative of the Dean's Committee for Teaching in the Residential Colleges and have participated in the Yale chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Yale Model Congress. You have also been the head freshman counselor at Silliman this year and the recipient of several grants, which have been used to further your interest in the themes of social marginalization and integration. Tomorrow you graduate with a double major in American studies and sociology.

Anika Singh

You have been a staple of the Dwight Hall Center for Public Service. Last year you were awarded the Elm-Ivy Award for service and advocacy that will make a lasting change for New Haven and Yale. You have worked for the New Haven Housing Authority and have been a board member of the Homeless Advisory Commission, as well as working for two years at the Hill Development Corporation counseling potential home owners in the Hill area of New Haven. You have produced two major plays on campus and have donated the proceeds to a women's shelter. Tomorrow you graduate with a degree in ethics, politics and economics.

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