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May 25, 2001Volume 29, Number 31Three-Week Issue

Other Undergraduate Awards & Honors

ASME MAGAZINE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. Anya Kamenetz '02 of Davenport College was selected an American Society of Magazine Editors summer editorial intern.

ATHLETIC PRIZES. Four seniors were honored with prizes offered by the Athletics Department. Bryan James Corey of the men's lacrosse team and Kimberly Ann Gahan of the women's basketball team were awarded the DeLaney Kiphuth '41, M.A. '47 Student-Athlete Distinction Award. It is given to the male and female student-athletes who rank highest in scholarship and have earned two varsity awards prior to their senior year. Lee Michael Jelenic of the men's hockey team and Ciara Marie McCormack of the women's soccer team received the Thomas W. Ford '42 Student-Athlete Community Outreach Award. It is given annually to the male and female student-athletes who during their senior year have demonstrated their commitment to strengthening the relationship between Yale athletics and the youth in the New Haven community.

BHATT FELLOWSHIP. A Bhatt Fellowship providing support for research or an internship in South Asia was awarded to Shayna Strom '02 of Davenport College.

BILDNER ISRAEL AND JEWISH STUDIES TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS. Robert L. Bildner '72 and Elisa Spungen Bildner '75 Israel and Jewish Studies Travel Grants, which provide support for students traveling to Israel or other countries for language training and research in the field of Jewish studies, were awarded to Abigail Krasner '03 of Pierson College and Jeffrey Perlman '01 of Davenport College.

BILDNER TRAVEL PRIZE. The Albert Bildner Travel Prize supporting travel to Latin America or the Caribbean for summer research for the senior essay was awarded to Rachel Whelan '02 of Pierson College.

BLANNING FELLOWSHIPS. Wendy E. Blanning Memorial Summer Fellowships provide support to students to pursue professional projects. The recipients and their projects are: Matan Koch '02 of Berkeley College, special projects fellow in the Office of Disability, City of New Haven; and Kesang Sherpa '03 of Silliman College, documentary film on the history of the Sherpas in the United States and abroad.

CHARLES KAO FUND AWARDS. The Charles Kao Fund provides support for summer research in East and Southeast Asia focusing on the impact of technology transfer processes between Asia and the West, and the social, cultural and political transformations in these regions. This year's winners are Liana Chang '02 of Silliman College, Michelle Chen '03 of Calhoun College, Jessica Lin '01 of Pierson College, Martin Schmidt '02 of Berkeley College, Ann Thai '02 of Davenport College and Susan Tuddenham '02 of Calhoun College.

DOROT FOUNDATION TRAVEL GRANTS. The Dorot Foundation offers travel grants to support academic summer programs in Israel. Grants were awarded to Daniel Berson '03 of Trumbull College, Brooke Heilweil '02 of Silliman College and Jordana Sutain '01 of Trumbull College.

ENGINEERING AND APPLIED PHYSICS AWARDS. The Henry Prentiss Becton Undergraduate Prize was awarded to Gina LaRossa '01 of Davenport College; the Edward O. Lanphier Memorial Prize in Electrical Engineering was awarded to Samuel Elder '01 of Calhoun College; the Donald Warren McCrosky Prize in Mechanical Engineering was awarded to Jesse D. Hwang '01 of Ezra Stiles College; the 2001 Department of Chemical Engineering Prize (Walker) was awarded to Pornthep Meethunkij '01 of Calhoun College; the 2001 Harry A. Curtis Prize in Chemical Engineering was awarded to Syeeda Amin '01 of Jonathan Edwards College; the 2001 Department of Chemical Engineering Junior Prize was awarded to Ka Lai Yee '02 of Davenport College; the 2001 Franz Tuteur Memorial Prize in Electrical Engineering was awarded to Elene Terry '01 of Morse College; the 2001 Belle and Carl Morse Junior Prize in Engineering and Applied Science was awarded to May Barclay Satterfield '02 of Timothy Dwight College; the 2001 Department of Applied Physics Prize was awarded to Katherine Aidala '01 of Calhoun College; and the 2001 D. Allan Bromley Prizes in Biomedical Engineering were awarded to James VanVliet '01 of Timothy Dwight College and Gautam Bahl '01 of Saybrook College.

EUROPEAN STUDIES FELLOWSHIP. A European Studies Fellowship, which supports training in a European language during the summer, was awarded to Elizabeth Brezovich '02 of Ezra Stiles College.

EUROPEAN UNION FELLOWSHIPS. European Union Fellowships, which support research focusing on the European Union or European integration, were awarded to Ian Cornwall '02 of Davenport College, Eugenie Flaherty '02 of Pierson College, Noah Glass '03 of Calhoun College, Samir Kaushik '02 of Silliman College, Milan Milenkovic '01 of Trumbull College and Emre Ozcan '03 of Morse College.

FOX INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS. Fox International Fellowships support research exchanges in economics, political science, international relations, law, business and finance, or contemporary history between Yale and the Free University of Berlin, Moscow State University, Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, Tokyo University, Fudan University in Shanghai and Sciences Po in Paris. This year's recipients are Stevan Radoslav Budovalcev-Nicholas '01 of Silliman College, Victoria Chiu '01 of Saybrook College, Kimberly Gahan '01 of Silliman College and Milan Milenkovic '01 of Trumbull College.

FULBRIGHT GRANTS. Six seniors will study or do research abroad as winners of Fulbright Grants. The students and their projects are: Beth Apsel of Calhoun College will conduct research on biological control agents in New Zealand; Matthew Jackson of Jonathan Edwards College will study volcanic activity in Iceland; Andrew Koehler of Calhoun College will study music and conducting in Austria; Daniel MacPhee of Timothy Dwight College will conduct petrologic and geochemical research in South Africa; Stevan Nicholas of Silliman College will study philosophy in Germany; and Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu of Timothy Dwight College will conduct ethnographic research in Nigeria.

GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIPS. Gates Cambridge Scholarships, which support up to three years of postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge, were awarded to David Haskell '01 of Silliman College and David Rybicki '01 of Berkeley College.

GOLDMAN SACHS GLODAL LEADERS PROGRAM. Chesa Gilbert Boudin '03 of Trumbull College was selected as a Goldman Sachs Global Leader for her outstanding academic and leadership achievements.

GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIP. The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship supports one or two years of study for an American undergraduate with a demonstrated interest in and potential for a career in the natural sciences and mathematics. Jocelyn Lin '02 of Calhoun College was named a Goldwater Scholar.

HEGEL PRIZE. The inaugural Richard Hegel Prize, named after Richard Hegel (1950 Engineering), the municipal historian for the City of New Haven, was awarded to Gabrielle Brainard '01 of Morse College.

JOHN HEINZ GOVERNMENT SERVICE FELLOWSHIPS. Established by the Class of 1960 in honor of the late Senator John Heinz, Heinz Fellowships support summer internships in federal, state or local government. This year's recipients are Frances Brown '02 of Branford College and Megan von Reinhart '02 of Pierson College. Honorable Mention Awards were made to Irene Gutierrez '02 of Trumbull College and Jacob Paul '02 of Jonathan Edwards College.

HENRY FELLOWSHIP. The Henry Fellowship is an exchange program between Harvard and Yale Universities and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. One Henry Fellowship is made available annually for a Yale senior to study at either Oxford or Cambridge. This year's recipient is Sarah Parcak of Timothy Dwight College, who will pursue an M.Phil. in archaeology at Cambridge University.

HOWLAND FELLOWSHIPS. Howland Fellowships support study or research abroad for seniors who demonstrate promise of useful activity to improve international relations. Two awards were made: Elizabeth Halsey of Morse College for research on alternative education and work with underprivileged children in Nepal; and Sarah Loose of Ezra Stiles College for research on popular education and work with refugee communities in El Salvador.

HUANG TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS. Four seniors were awarded Parker Huang Travel Fellowships, which fund advanced language study or the study of socio-cultural topics in the language of a non-English speaking country. The award recipients are Jessica Champagne '01 of Berkeley College, Elizabeth Halsey '01 of Morse College, Sarah Loose '01 of Ezra Stiles College, Steven Shafer '01 of Pierson College and Neheet Trivedi '02 of Jonathan Edwards College.

HUGHES FELLOWSHIPS. Howard Hughes Predoctoral Fellowships in the Biological Sciences supporting up to five years of doctoral study were awarded to two alumnae: Rebecca Charnas '99 of Morse College and Yeang Howe Ch'ng '99 of Jonathan Edwards College.

KINGSLEY TRUST ASSOCIATION SUMMER TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS. Established this year in honor of Yale's Tercentennial by the Kingsley Trust Association (also known as the Scroll and Key Society), the fellowships commemorate Yale College graduates who attained distinction in their life's works. The inaugural recipients are: Savaria Harris '03 of Ezra Stiles College, the Maynard Mack Fellowship in Humanities, for the study of religion in Cuba; Martha Lovejoy '03 of Ezra Stiles College, the Dean Acheson Fellowship in Politics and Foreign Affairs, for work with a non-governmental organization and language study in Croatia; Susannah Rutherglen '03 of Saybrook College, the Maynard Mack Fellowship in Humanities, for the study of Venetian painting in Italy; Jennifer Stock '03 of Pierson College, the Cole Porter Fellowship in Music and Theater, for the study of music composition and research in Italy for the writing of an opera; and Molly Worthen '03 of Jonathan Edwards College, the A. Bartlett Giamatti Fellowship in European Literature and History, for research on a Russian Orthodox sect in Canada.

LEITNER INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY FELLOWSHIPS. The Georg Walter Leitner Program in International Political Economy, which funds research on international political economy, have awarded fellowships to Pierre-Luc Arsenault '02 of Berkeley College, Bethany Lacina '02 of Ezra Stiles College, Shayna Strom '02 of Davenport College, Prateek Tandon '03 of Pierson College and Neheet Trivedi of Jonathan Edwards College.

LES ASPIN FELLOWSHIPS. Les Aspin '60 International Public Service Fellowships support summer internships related to the study of national security and international affairs in the public or non-profit private sector. This year's recipients are Patrick Gaughen '02 of Calhoun College, Ruma Rajbhandari '02 of Berkeley College, Swaroop Samant '02 of Trumbull College and Prateek Tandon '03 of Pierson College.

LIGHT FELLOWSHIPS. The Richard U. Light Fellowships at Yale support language study at approved sites in East Asia for a summer, term or academic year. Recipients of summer fellowships are: for study in China or Taiwan, Rachel Alpert '02 of Ezra Stiles College, Agnes Chen '02 of Calhoun College, Michele Chin '02 of Saybrook College, Brian Clarke '02 of Berkeley College, John Thomas Dantzler-Wolfe '03 of Trumbull College, Gregory Distelhorst '02 of Silliman College, Lindsey Finch '03 of Berkeley College, Ziad Haider '03 of Berkeley College, Patrick Hamm '04 of Davenport College, Jeffery D. Kinsey '03 of Davenport College, Mattias G. Ottervik '04 of Silliman College, Katherine E. Palms '02 of Timothy Dwight College, April Rabkin '03 of Davenport College, Simon Rasin '02 of Jonathan Edwards College, Vikram K. Swamy '02 of Pierson College, Ellen Thompson '03 of Ezra Stiles College and Elizabeth Tung '04 of Davenport College; for study in Japan, Grace Cho '02 of Berkeley College, Leslie Kwok '03 of Morse College, Sheffield Lesure '02 of Trumbull College, Arthur Mitchell '02 of Saybrook College and Jessica Suzuki '04 of Saybrook College; and for study in Korea, Christine Chung '03 of Ezra Stiles College. Term or academic year fellowship recipients are: for study in China or Taiwan, Sandra Kister '02 of Davenport College, Jeannette J. Lee '02 of Pierson College, Geoffrey Sledge '02 of Timothy Dwight College, Allie C. Yang '02 of Berkeley College, Kathryn Gonnerman '01 of Jonathan Edwards College and Michael Marone '03 of Ezra Stiles College; for study in Japan, Niles Cole '02 of Silliman College, Yomei Shaw '02 of Berkeley College, Alexander J. Han '01 of Silliman College and Helen Suh '02 of Timothy Dwight College; and for study in Korea, Suyin Hong '02 of Branford College, Emily Lee '02 of Branford College and Michele Brady '01 of Ezra Stiles College. Recipients of both summer and term or academic year awards are: for study in China or Taiwan, Alec Flyer '02 of Berkeley College, Erin Hoppin '03 of Calhoun College, Edward Smith '03 of Berkeley College and Andrew Cowdery '03 of Ezra Stiles College; and for study in Japan, Yun Jung Choi '03 of Berkeley College and Jonathan Mori '03 of Berkeley College.

LOHMANN PRIZES. Five undergraduates were honored for excellence in printing and graphic design. In the category of traditional printing, the winners were Juliana Ochs '01 of Jonathan Edwards College, for three Jonathan Edwards feast invitations; James Bickford '01 of Davenport College, Mary Duncan '01 of Davenport College and Matthew Underwood '03 of Davenport College, for the Holiday Celebration invitation; and Sara Edward-Corbett '01 of Pierson College, for her book "Common Dreams." In the category of digital printing, prizes went to Rob Giampietro '01 of Branford College, for the Yale Literary Magazine, volume XII, number 2; and Leslie Kuo '03 of Jonathan Edwards College and George Weinberg '04 of Branford College, for the WYBC press kit.

MELLON FELLOWSHIPS. Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in Humanistic Studies, which support the first year of graduate study at any U.S. or Canadian graduate school, were awarded to two seniors: Colleen Manassa of Trumbull College and Noel Sugimura of Morse College; and three alumnae: Bridget Alsdorf '99 of Timothy Dwight College, Alison LaCroix '96 of Pierson College and Priscilla Song '00 of Morse College.

NATIONAL DEFENSE FELLOWSHIPS. National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships supporting three years of graduate study in science, mathematics or engineering were awarded to Gina LaRossa '01 of Davenport College and Saul Rosser '01 of Berkeley College.

NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION PROGRAM. Joseph Anthony Puma '03 of Ezra Stiles College will participate in "The Gift of Discovery: Learning Exchange, Italy and America," a 10-day educational and cultural program sponsored by the National Italian American Foundation.

NATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS. The National Security Education Program Undergraduate Scholarship provides support from the U.S. government for overseas study of languages and cultures in regions outside of Western Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This year's recipients are Abigail Krasner '03 of Pierson College for a term program in Morocco and John Love '04 of Silliman College for a summer program in China.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPS. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, which support three years of graduate study in science, social sciences, mathematics or engineering, were awarded to five seniors: Charles Edward Hardy of Davenport College, Matthew Gerard Jackson of Jonathan Edwards College, Daniel Lowis Jafferis of Timothy Dwight College, Gina Nicole LaRossa of Davenport College and Daniel Robert MacPhee of Timothy Dwight College; and to 12 alumni: Michael Beman '99 of Silliman College, Rachel Cane '98 of Morse College, Rebecca Boochem Charnas '99 of Morse College, Elizabeth Grandia '96 of Trumbull College, Jenny Emma Greene '00 of Ezra Stiles College, Matthew Bryan Hale '00 of Silliman College, Christopher Jacques Hillar '00 of Berkeley College, Elizabeth Sara Jacobs '99 of Calhoun College, Daniel Ezra Johnson '98 of Branford College, Elizabeth Anne Paluck '00 of Branford College, Priscilla Posuan Song '00 of Morse College and Joaquin T. Thomas '00 of Berkeley College.

PERLROTH PRIZES. Tristan Perlroth Prizes are awarded to students for summer travel outside the United States to enhance their understanding of foreign culture and international relations. This year's recipients are Jason Andrews '02 of Branford College, Sara Aviel '02 of Davenport College, Ian Cornwall '02 of Davenport College, Spencer Durbin '01 of Davenport College, Najah Farley '03 of Calhoun College, Noah Glass '03 of Calhoun College, Savaria Harris '03 of Ezra Stiles College, Sarah Izfar '03 of Morse College, Bethany Lacina '02 of Ezra Stiles College, Abigail Lubow '02 of Calhoun College, Taral Patel '02 of Morse College, Daniel Powell '02 of Calhoun College, Lara Rios '02 of Calhoun College, Swaroop Samant '02 of Trumbull College, Jill Schnoebelen '02 of Branford College, Linda Shi '04 of Silliman College and Prateek Tandon '03 of Pierson College.

RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS. Rhodes Scholarships for two years of study at Oxford University were awarded to Luke Bronin '01 of Silliman College, who will pursue an M. Litt. in Philosophy; Joshua Chafetz '01 of Berkeley College, who will pursue an M.Phil. in Politics; and Brian Mullin '01 of Davenport College, who will pursue an M.Phil. in English.

RICHARDSON FELLOWSHIP. The Smith Richardson Fellowship, which provides support for archival research in the fields of international, diplomatic, political and military/strategic studies, was awarded to Nicol U '02 of Timothy Dwight College.

ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP. A Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship, which supports a year of graduate study abroad, was awarded to Chesa Boudin '03 of Trumbull College for study in Chile.

RUSTGI FELLOWSHIPS. Three juniors received Rustgi Fellowships, which provide support for research or internships in South Asia. The students are Bidisha Banerjee of Morse College, Taral Patel of Morse College and Manish Vora of Pierson College.

SAINT ANDREWS SCHOLARSHIP. A Saint Andrews Society Graduate Scholarship supporting one year of study in any discipline at a university in Scotland was awarded to Courtney McIlduff '01 of Jonathan Edwards College to pursue an M.Sc. in psychology and health at the University of Stirling.

SAPIR PRIZE. The Edward Sapir Prize for best senior essay in anthropology was awarded to Juliana Ochs of Jonathan Edwards College for her essay on formal college dining at Yale and Cambridge titled "When Fellows Dine."

SOROS FELLOWSHIP. The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, which supports up to three years of graduate study in any discipline, was awarded to Yale College alumna Jeannie Suk '95 of Jonathan Edwards College.

SOUTHEAST ASIA STUDIES GRANTS. Southeast Asia Studies Grants support research for students with a demonstrated commitment to the field of Southeast Asia studies. This year's recipients are Thanh-Tam Ho '02 of Pierson College, Van Nguyen '02 of Morse College, Ann Thai '02 of Davenport College, Uyen Tieu '03 of Morse College and Nicol U '02 of Timothy Dwight College.

SUMMER RESEARCH IN EAST ASIA TRAVEL GRANTS. Summer Research in East Asia Travel Grants are awarded to Yale College students to support research in East Asia in any discipline. The award recipients are Meiyin Wang '02 of Davenport College for research on the tensions between theater and politics in China; and Abigail Coursolle '02 of Morse College for research on the effects of modern politics on Taiwanese literature.

SUNRISE FOUNDATION GRANTS. Sunrise Foundation Travel and Research Grants provide funds to students involved in international and area studies programs for travel and research in an "emerging market" country during the summer or a semester abroad. The students are Taral Patel '02 of Morse College, Robynn Sturm '02 of Davenport College, Prateek Tandon '03 of Pierson College and Neheet Trivedi '02 of Jonathan Edwards College.

TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPS. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship supports up to four years of university study (i.e., senior year of college and one to three years of graduate school) for students planning careers in public service. Four juniors received scholarships this year: Melissa Felder of Saybrook College, Jennifer Nou of Calhoun College, Alan Schoenfeld of Saybrook College and Sara Sternberg of Berkeley College.

UDALL SCHOLARSHIPS. Morris K. Udall Scholarships, which support a year of undergraduate study in preparation for a career in environmental public policy, were awarded to two juniors: Kelly Levin of Jonathan Edwards College and Jocelyn Lin of Calhoun College. Abigail Ryder '02 of Saybrook College received an Honorable Mention Award.

VAN SINDEREN PRIZES. Five students received Adrian Van Sinderen Prizes for Book Collecting. The prizes were established in 1957 by the late Adrian Van Sinderen '10 B.A. to encourage undergraduates to collect books, to build up their own libraries and to read for both pleasure and education. The Senior Prize ($750) was awarded to Pamela Bookman '01 of Pierson College for her collection of Isaac Babel; a Senior Runner-Up Prize ($600) was given to Sarah Parcak '01 of Timothy Dwight College for her collection of books on Egyptology. Senior Honorable Mention prizes ($400) were awarded to Robert Giampietro '01 of Berkeley College for his collection of fine print design and typography, and Isaac Meyers '01 of Branford College for his collection of books on zoology. The Sophomore Prize ($500) was awarded to Dora Malech '03 of Trumbull College for her collection of 20th-century poetry.

WREXHAM PRIZES. The Wrexham Prize "for the best senior essay in the field of the humanities" was awarded to Colleen Marie Manassa of Trumbull College for her essay "The Grand Karnak Inscription of Merneptah: Grand Strategy in the 13th Century B.C." The Wrexham Prize "for the best senior essay or other substantial piece of writing in the field of the social sciences" was awarded to Philip Andrew Fortino of Saybrook College for his essay "Reassessing Expectations: How the Electoral Rules Limit the Prospects for Redistribution in the United States."

YALE-CHINA FELLOWSHIPS. Yale-China Fellowships supporting two years of teaching English at universities and secondary schools in China were awarded to seven seniors: Margaret Boittin of Ezra Stiles College, Sarah Donaldson of Pierson College, Michael Hoevel of Morse College, Anna Kaye of Jonathan Edwards College, Alex Liebman of Calhoun College, Katherine Mason of Ezra Stiles College and Samuel Singer of Jonathan Edwards College.

YCIAS JOURNALISM PRIZE. The Yale Center for International and Area Studies Journalism Prize for Coverage of International Affairs was won jointly by Valerie Karplus '02 of Calhoun College and Henry Wong '01 of Davenport College for their article "The AIDS Crisis in Africa," which appeared in The Yale Globalist, volume 1, issue 1.

YALE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS. The Yale Science and Engineering Association awarded three scholarships this year. The Senior High Scholarship was awarded to Whitney P. Bowe '01 of Morse College, and Junior High Scholarships were awarded to Soo Choi '02 of Morse College and Bastian Rose '02 of Morse College.

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