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University and unions launch annual United Way/CHA campaign

Quick: Think of five people you care about, including yourself. Statistics say that three out of the five of you will someday benefit from organizations supported by the United Way of Greater New Haven and Combined Health Appeal (CHA) of South Central Connecticut fundraising campaign.

Think of 10 more people, then 100. Think of a community.

The idea of strengthening the community by ensuring that its citizens can receive essential services, particularly in times of need, is at the heart of the United Way philosophy.

It was nearly 80 years ago that the leaders of organizations serving the community came to a simple conclusion: "United, we are stronger than we can ever be alone." By mounting one joint annual appeal, rather than separate fundraising drives, these groups optimized their volunteer power while cutting costs. The monies they raised through their combined campaign were put into a common coffer, known in its early days as The Community Chest, and apportioned according to need among the member agencies.

Today, although the United Way philosophy lives on, the name "Community Chest" is more familiar as one of the card stacks in the game Monopoly. It takes more than paper money, however, to ensure that the services supported by the United Way/CHA campaign continue to be available to the people who need them: It takes real dollars from people like you.

The 50-plus member and associated agencies in the Greater New Haven area funded by the local United Way/CHA campaign help nurture the young, care for the elderly, comfort the ailing, support the recovering and provide relief for those whose lives have been hit by disaster. They offer educational, vocational and recreational programs for both youths and adults; help ensure that people are adequately housed and fed; and offer aid to victims of abuse and to families in crisis. They promote research and treatment programs for those with such chronic conditions as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, AIDS, leukemia, muscular dystrophy and more.

Your contribution can help ensure that these vital "safety net" programs are there when you or someone you know needs them. In that way, your pledge to Yale's annual United Way/CHA campaign is an investment both in the community and in the future well being of those you care most about.

Once again, the University and Locals 34 and 35 are asking Yale employees to support the United Way/CHA appeal. There are many donor options, designed to ensure that your dollars are used as you deem best. A description of these options, as well as a donor pledge cared, are included in the packets of United Way information now being mailed to University employees. If you have not received an envelope and would like to make a contribution, or if you have questions about the Yale-United Way/CHA campaign, call 432-4488.

Remember: "United, we are stronger than we can ever be alone." And think about your community. Support the United Way/CHA campaign.