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New Haven's Broadway area has been transformed into a vibrant shopping district through a Yale-led revitalization effort that blends national chains with numerous local businesses and restaurants.

A Message from President Levin

When I became President in 1993, I made it clear that New Haven would be one of the University's highest priorities. Because Yale's future was inextricably linked to the strength of our city, I called for Yale to become an active partner to promote economic development, improve the public schools and revitalize New Haven's downtown and neighborhoods. With the strong and continuing support of the Yale Corporation, thousands of students, faculty and staff members have joined in these efforts, and millions of dollars have been invested to support educational outreach, downtown improvements, homeownership and the development of science-based industry.

Today, more than 10,000 New Haven Public School students participate in academic and athletic programs on the Yale campus every year, nearly 500 University employees have purchased homes in the City with the assistance of the Yale Homebuyer Program, there is a thriving retail district on Broadway and Chapel Street, and a burgeoning biotechnology industry in New Haven with 15 companies that in recent years has attracted over $1.5 billion of venture capital. This summer, as in previous years, Yale University will sponsor several events including the New Haven Jazz Festival and the International Festival of Arts & Ideas.

This special issue of the Yale Bulletin & Calendar reports on the progress of our New Haven Initiative.

President Richard C. Levin


A Message from President Levin

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