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Kurt Schmoke, '71 B.A. (right), Senior Fellow of the Yale Corporation and former Mayor of Baltimore, was awarded the Corporate Leadership Award by the Greater New Haven branch of the NAACP at Yale Commons during the University's Tercentennial. Schmoke -- who is pictured here with Scot X. Esdaile, head of the New Haven NAACP -- said: "It was an honor to receive this award recognizing my involvement with Yale University from such a distinguished New Haven group. Based on my knowledge of cities across America, the partnership between Yale University and New Haven is a national model."

University Honored for Its Town-Gown Initiatives

During its Tercentennial year, Yale University was honored for its town-gown partnerships by the State of Connecticut and several New Haven organizations.

Seal of the City

The New Haven Colony Historical Society presented Yale with its highest honor, the Seal of the City, recognizing the University's programs that have "significantly added to the quality of life, prosperity or the general improvement of the region."

"The Historical Society applauds the many significant contributions Yale University has made to the Greater New Haven community," Peter T. Lamothe, the historical society's executive director, said at the award ceremony in University Commons. "Yale has been a leader and supporter of a great number of local initiatives and events, both publicly and quietly behind-the-scenes. It is with great excitement that the society presents its Seal of the City award to Yale University."

In thanking the society for honoring the University, President Richard C. Levin said it was his "profound hope ... that the productive partnership between the University and the city will prevail for the duration of Yale's fourth century, and that together we will continue to work for the betterment of the city that invited us here three centuries ago."

Team Connecticut Award

The state's Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) awarded its Team Connecticut Program Award to the University.

The award honors Yale's efforts in financially assisting employees in buying homes in New Haven, leveraging neighborhood development corporations in their revitalization programs, and using its vast life science reservoirs to spur development of new bioscience companies, with incentives to remain in the New Haven area.

Pointing out that the linchpin in the success of the state's cities is their ability to tap into local assets, resources and strengths, DECD officials noted that Connecticut has in its own backyard "a first-class international academic institution that is working to enhance the economic development profile of its New Haven home and Connecticut in general," especially through the efforts led by Yale's Office of New Haven and State Affairs.

Corporate Heritage Award

The New Haven Chamber of Commerce gave its inaugural Corporate Heritage Award to Yale University during its annual meeting.

The award, which goes to organizations located in the New Haven region for at least a century, honors Yale for its work with New Haven over the last decade to advance their shared interests in improving the campus surroundings and developing the city's economy.

"We are grateful for this award, which recognizes our work as a good institutional citizen of New Haven," said Vice President Bruce Alexander, director of Yale's Office of New Haven and State Affairs, who accepted the award on Yale's behalf.

Interfaith Cooperative Ministries Award

Interfaith Cooperative Ministries (ICM) of New Haven, a group of 38 religious congregations representing many faiths, presented an award to Yale in honor of its Tercentennial on May 10, 2001.

The Reverend Howard Nash, co-president of ICM, said the award was presented to Yale "in appreciation for the commitment and contributions made by Yale to the local community. We recognize and salute the University as a good friend and neighbor."


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