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Richard and Jane Levin (left) chat with alumnae Frances Beinecke and Marian Wright Edelman (in foreground) during a break at the "Gender Matters" conference.

'Gender Matters' Looks at Women's Evolving Roles

One highlight of Yale's 300th-anniversary celebration was a conference examining the evolving role and influence of the most recent addition to the University community -- women.

Titled "Gender Matters," the conference was held at the Law School Sept. 20-21, 2001. The event was organized by the Yale Women Faculty Forum.

In a series of panels, noted alumnae, current Yale faculty and other distinguished guests discussed and debated the issues that women encounter as academics, scientists, artists, global leaders and entrepreneurs.

Among the alumnae participants were children's rights activist Marian Wright Edelman '63 LL.B., environmentalist Frances Beinecke '71 B.A., '74 M.F.S., novelist Gloria Naylor '83 M.A.; Carnegie Institute president Maxine Singer '57 Ph.D; Patricia M. Wald '51 LL.B. of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; Linda Mason '80 M.B.A., chair of Bright Horizons Family Solutions; film producer Sarah Pillsbury '74 B.A.; and two women who have gone on to head institutions of higher learning -- Bryn Mawr College President Nancy J. Vickers '76 Ph.D. and Duke University President Nannerl O. Keohane '67 Ph.D., who is also former president of Wellesley College.

President Richard C. Levin, in his introductory remarks, acknowledged that Yale's 300-year history was one "in which women, shamefully, have played a little part until recent years." However, he noted, that has already changed for the better. Today, three of the Yale officers are women, as are three of the deans of the graduate and professional schools, three residential college masters and two of the four divisional directors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


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