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Members of the Yale Alumni Chorus sing by the graveside of Elihu Yale, the University's first benefactor and namesake, in Wrexham, Wales in July of 2001.

Celebrating Yale's 300th Around
the Nation and Around the World

Around the country and around the world, Yale Clubs and Associations have been joining in the Tercentennial Celebration. From Hong Kong to Buenes Aires, Toronto to Los Angles, Yale alumni and friends have gathered to sing their praise as Yale turns 300.

Clubs were encouraged to sponsor their own Tercentennial events throughout the year, as well as to participate in the live broadcast via satellite of the finale at the Yale Bowl on Oct. 5, 2001.

In May 2001, nearly 400 alumni and friends from all over southeast Asia gathered in Hong Kong for a full day symposium followed by a Gala Dinner. President Richard C. Levin, Secretary and Vice President Linda K. Lorimer, School of Management Dean Jeffrey Garten, Center for the Study of Globalization Director Strobe Talbott and others participated in "Yale 300 in Asia," a celebration of the University's long history of connections and exchanges with Asia and outlook towards the future. The Centennial of the Yale China Association was later marked by visits to mainland China by the Yale delegation. (See page 3.)

In July 2001, the Yale Alumni Chorus (300 singers for 300 years) ventured forth to spread good will, song and the name of Yale University to Russia, Wales and England. This was a follow up to their successful trip to China in 1998. A special memorial service at the gravesite of Yale's namesake, Elihu Yale, in Wrexham Wales, was topped only by the Alumni Chorus' performance at St. Pauls' Cathedral in London accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra a week later. Hundreds of alumni and friends in the audience were witness to what was surely the first time that Yale fight songs had been sung in the cathedral.

Tercentennial events occurred throughout this hemisphere. For example, in August, the club hosted a special breakfast with Guillermo Calvo '63 M.A., '67 M.Phil., '74 Ph.D., chief economist for the Inter-American Development Bank. Calvo was later awarded the "For God, For Country and For Yale" medal on behalf of the club. In October, the club hosted an array of notable Argentine alumni for a full-day symposium attended by over 125 alumni and friends. Participating were Juan Carlos Gottifredi, Argentina's secretary of higher education; Ricardo Popvsky, rector of the Universidad de Palermo; Daniel Korn '89, president of the Yale Club of Argentina; Dan Esty '86 J.D., director of Yale's World Fellows Program; Andrés Von Buch '67, president of Colloquio Idea; Norma Mettler '68 M.P.H., '70 Ph.D.; Thomas Haran, cultural attaché at the U.S. Embassy; Mariano de Vedia, editor of the "Culture" section of La Nación newspaper; Adrián Ventura, editor of the "Law" section of La Nación; Martín Blaquier '87 M.P.P.N., chief executive officer of Camuzzi Argentina; Jaime Campos '79 M.A., executive director of Fundación Invertir; Carlos Escudé '79 M.A., '80 M.Phil., '81 Ph.D., professor of international relations at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella; and Guillermo Mondino '85 M.A., '91 Ph.D., cabinet chief to the minister of economy.

Events in this country occurred from coast to coast. The Yale Club of Southwest Florida hosted its own Tercentennial Tribute Speaker Series. William H. Donaldson '53, '73 M.A.H.; S. Roger Horchow '50, '99 L.H.D.H.; Vincent J. Scully '40, '47 M.A., '49 Ph.D. and Robert B. Semple Jr.'59 spoke on separate occasions to audiences of about 100 alumni and friends, and raised over $10,000 for the club's scholarship fund.

Yale graduates and families from around the country assembled in Buena Vista Colorado on Aug. 18, 2001 to climb Mt. Yale. In the early hours, more than 100 people began the ascent in chilly air under clear skies. By midday, about 100 people made the summit 14,196 feet above sea level. Despite the lack of oxygen, there was ample celebration and cheers for Yale's 300 years. Jeff Brenzel '75, executive director of the Association of Yale Alumni, and Maureen Doran '71 NUR., chair of the AYA Board of Governors joined the climb. The oldest summitter was Bill Fanning '45, of Telluride, Colorado at age of 77; the youngest was 6 years old.

Throughout the year, Yale Clubs made plans to celebrate the Tercentennial in their own special way. Many clubs continued their long established traditions of service to their own communities. The Yale Club of Chicago has long maintained a special relationship with the Elihu Yale School, at which their members tutor students. John Scales '54 and the Yale Club of Pittsburgh donated 32 books to the Greensburg Salem School District, in recognition of the 32 books with which The Collegiate School (later to become Yale College) was founded in 1701. Many other Clubs made similar gifts to their local libraries and school systems. The Yale Club of Houston named YES College Preparatory School as the beneficiary of their fundraising for the Tercentennial year.

In conjunction with the final Tercentennial Celebration being held in New Haven on Oct. 5, 2001, Vermont Governor Howard B. Dean III '71 and New York Governor George E. Pataki '67 proclaimed that day as Yale Tercentennial Day in their respective states, as did the Governors of Connecticut, Maine and Texas.

Also on Oct. 15, 16 Yale Clubs in the United States and Canada held events to coincide with the final Tercentennial Celebrations at the Yale Bowl. Clubs received a special satellite broadcast of the Yale Bowl events, hosted by Jack Ford '72 of ABC News. The broadcast included preprogrammed segments highlighting the Tercentennial year at Yale, as well as live interviews with David Gergen '63, Sam Waterston '62 and Joan Van Ark '64 DRAMA and segments of the live show at the Bowl. At the culmination of the evening, alumni across the country joined along as the Tercentennial Chorus (which included members of the Yale Alumni Chorus) sang "Bright College Years" to the accompaniment of the Tercentennial Orchestra. Events ranged from Black Tie affairs to casual gatherings at local establishments. An additional 40 clubs will be holding Tercentennial events in the coming months for their own celebrations. Each will be able to show the tape of the Tercentennial Broadcast to their members.

In addition to helping clubs plan activities, the Association of Yale Alumni created "For God, For Country and For Yale" awards especially for the Tercentennial. Yale clubs were allowed to bestow up to three awards. Some of those were presented on Oct. 5, others will be awarded in the weeks to come. The clubs that have bestowed their awards and the prominent alumni who have received them include:

Yale Club of Houston: George H.W. Bush '48 (For Country); Dr. Walter J. Burdette '42 M.D. (For God); and Risher Randall '50 (For Yale).

Yale Alumni Association of Oregon: Monroe A. Jubitz Sr. '39.

Yale Club of Georgia: Dwight Andrews '77 M.Div.; Cecil A. Alexander '40; and Holcombe T. Green Jr. '61.

Yale Club of Ontario: Robert J. Birgeneau '66 Ph.D.

Yale Club of Delaware: The Reverend Richard C. Stazesky '52 B.D.; Thomas A. Graves Jr. '45W; and Philip B. Weymouth Jr. '57.

Yale Club of Southern California: Carlos Moreno '70; Walter Parkes '73; and Aimee Liu '75.

Yale Club of New Haven: Richard Hegel '50; Fenmore R. Seton '38; and the Reverend Richard M. Mapes '49, '52B.D.


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