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Health Services & Personal Counseling

Health Services for Students

Yale University Health Services (YUHS)
17 Hillhouse Ave.
Info.: (203) 432-0246, member.services@yale.edu or www.yale.edu/uhs

The University provides students with comprehensive health care coverage through the Yale Health Plan (YHP). YHP, which provides care to the entire Yale community, is a not-for-profit health care organization housed in the YUHS facility.

Primary Care for Students
Enrolled students attending Yale at least half-time and working toward a Yale degree receive many services, including primary care, at no charge in the following departments: Student Medicine, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Urgent Care (24 hour), Sports Medicine (for varsity athletes only), Mental Hygiene and Laboratory.

Coverage for Hospitalization and Specialty Care
The University requires all degree candidate students who are half-time or more to have hospitalization and specialty care coverage. To meet this requirement, students can either (1) purchase YHP's Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage with or without Prescription Plus or (2) have alternate coverage by being someone's dependent or by purchasing other coverage independently. In considering options, keep in mind that many (non-YHP) plans will not cover routine specialty care such as allergy shots and physical therapy rendered while away from home.

YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage
Because the University requires all students attending Yale at least half-time and working toward a Yale degree to carry hospitalization and specialty coverage, students are automatically enrolled and charged each term on their Student Financial and Administrative Services (SFAS) bill for YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. Students are also automatically enrolled in Prescription Plus. If an alternate (non-YHP) plan is chosen, students may decline the Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage by completing a waiver form which includes proof of the alternate coverage. Waiver forms must be filed annually and received by Sept. 15 for the full year or fall term and by Jan. 31 for the spring term.

YHP Prescription Plus Coverage
YHP Prescription Plus coverage includes items not covered by the YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage such as prescription medication, durable medical equipment (braces, insulin pumps, crutches) as well as extended coverage for inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse services. See the Student Handbook for a complete description of coverage. Students may decline this coverage by following the waiver process described above. Students may not enroll in Prescription Plus without having YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage.

YHP Forms and Applications
Waiver forms are provided for students as a courtesy each academic year. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that these forms are returned to YHP's Member Services Department. Do not send waiver forms to the SFAS office. Those who did not receive a waiver form in the mail may obtain one from Member Services or download one from the YHP website, listed above. For additional information, call (203) 432-0246 or send e-mail to member.services@yale.edu.

Students are urged to keep the following telephone numbers for handy reference.

General Information/Member Services (203) 432-0246

Student Medicine (203) 432-0312

Internal Medicine (203) 432-0038

Urgent Care (203) 432-0123

Claims (203) 432-0250

Referrals (203) 432-7397

Pharmacy (203) 432-0033

Patient Representative (203) 432-0109

Counseling & Mental Health
Yale University Health Services
17 Hillhouse Ave.
Info.: (203) 432-0290 weekdays; (203) 432-0124 after hours and for weekend emergencies

Counseling and mental health services are offered free of charge to all students at Yale University Health Services' Department of Mental Hygiene (DMH). Students come with many different concerns and may be seen for counseling, short-term individual therapy, group therapy, couples counseling, alcohol and drug counseling, sex counseling and medication when appropriate. For appointments or information, visit the department on the third floor of Yale University Health Services or call (203) 432-0290.

Online anonymous screening for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and alcohol and drug issues is available at the Yale University Health Services website: www.yale.edu/yuhs. Click on "For students," and then on "Online screening."

AIDS Resource & Counseling Center
Yale University Health Services
Rm. 409, 17 Hillhouse Ave.
Info.: (203) 432-1892 or www.yale.edu/uhs

The AIDS Resource & Counseling Center of Yale University Health Services provides individual, confidential counseling for undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty and staff. The center serves as a resource for HIV antibody testing information -- anonymous and confidential -- risk reduction, prevention, support groups and other services available to people with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends.

The center selects and trains student peer educators who present informational workshops to incoming freshmen and organizations within the Yale and New Haven communities. This program provides information on HIV/AIDS prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, contraception, communication and risk reduction. These workshops and other educational materials, such as pamphlets, brochures and videos, are available through the center.

Educational and informational programs are also provided for graduate and professional students, individually and collectively. Graduate and professional student representatives (Graduate Health Advocates) meet throughout the year to design appropriate activities and educational programs to target their peers.

Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.

Walden Student-to-Student Counseling
Welch Hall, basement
Old Campus
Info.: (203) 432-4477

Walden Student-to-Student Counsel-ing is a crisis and non-crisis counseling service provided by professionally trained peer counselors for Yale students in need of an objective sounding board for their emotional, social and academic problems. The student counselors provide supportive listening while maintaining strict confidentiality, and are well informed about other University counseling services. Walden is open seven days a week for walk-in counseling 8 p.m.-1 a.m. Phone-in counseling is available 8 p.m.-8 a.m.


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