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Whether on foot, on bicycles or in patrol cars, Yale's police officers and other security professionals keep the campus safe and help to educate students about how to safeguard themselves and their personal property.

Campus Security

Yale's commitment to creating a safe environment is reflected by the presence of two major departments on campus that address the security of persons and property: the University Police Department and the Department of University Security Programs. Reporting to the Office of the Secretary, both departments work in close cooperation to respond to the needs of students, faculty and staff. The Police Department provides police services typically found in urban communities, while the Security Programs Department oversees the physical security of Yale's property and facilities.

To help police and security professionals keep the campus safe, students are urged to remember the following points: Do not take unnecessary risks, such as walking alone; use the security services that are available; lock doors; get a good U-type lock for bicycles; and safeguard personal property. It also helps to report any suspicious activity or crime promptly.

Police Services

The Yale University Police Department is a full-service police agency with an authorized strength of 79 officers. University police officers are armed and have full police powers, including the authority to make arrests throughout the city of New Haven. The University Police headquarters is at 98-100 Sachem St. with a substation at 270 Congress Ave. (In December, the department will move to its new site, on Ashmun St. behind the Swing Space). The Police Communications Center is located within Phelps Gate on College Street on the Old Campus.

Security Programs

The Department of University Security Programs administers the card-activated access control and campus burglar alarm systems, provides lockout and security escort services, and conducts physical security surveys and security design and planning for construction projects. University Security Officers are identifiable by their uniform: white shirt and blue pants. (Note: Security Officers patrolling on bicycle wear a grey shirt and black pants,) The department also operates the Central Alarm Station at 100 Church St. South, where burglar, fire and other alarms are monitored at all times. An administrative office, located at Phelps Gate, handles access control problems.

Other Services

Security Blue Phones: More than 250 exterior phones are strategically located throughout the campus and are readily identified at night by blue lights hanging above or near them. The phones are equipped with red emergency buttons for direct connection to the University Police for police, fire or medical emergencies, and a keypad for dialing any campus number.

2-WALK: Yale employs a staff of trained security officers who work under the direction of University Security Programs. Easily identified by their black and gray uniforms, security officers perform a variety of services, including providing a security escort service. An escort may be obtained by contacting one of the security officers on duty or by dialing (203) 432-WALK (9255).

Transportation Services: The Parking and Transit Services Department at 155 Whitney Ave. is responsible for bus services provided to the Yale community. These services include a shuttle during the day, as well as nighttime bus services. Information about these transportation services is available by calling (203) 432-9790. (Further information on these services also appears below.) In addition, a security shuttle operates in the medical school area, transporting students to parking lots, selected residence areas and Yale-New Haven Hospital. Information about the medical shuttle is available by calling (203) 785-5555.


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