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Whatever their interest, students are likely to find their niche on campus, thanks to the myriad academic, athletic, cultural and other opportunities offered through the residential college system and beyond.

Student Life

Associated Student Agencies
246 Church St, lower level
Info.: (203) 432-1888, (203) 432-1889 or www.yale.edu/asa

The Associated Student Agencies consists of student-operated businesses that provide products and services to students, faculty and other members of the Yale community. The original agency operation dates back to the early 1930s, and currently there are nine operating agencies including Refrigerator, Cake, Cap and Gown, Care Cubes, Distribution, Laundry, Apparel, Ring and Necessities -- all of which offer a variety of goods and services that enhance students' daily campus life. All purchases can be made through charge to student accounts, check, cash or credit card.

Students who wish to undertake or organize commercial enterprises on campus should contact Diane Healey at (203) 432-1886.

Dwight Hall
67 High St.
Info.: (203) 432-2420, dwighthall@yale.edu or www.dwighthall.org

Dwight Hall at Yale, an independent non profit, has been the center for public service and social justice since it was founded by undergraduates in 1886. Its mission is "to foster civic-minded student leaders and to promote service and activism in New Haven and around the world." With a staff of six, a 10-member Student Executive Committee and a Student Cabinet, Dwight Hall supports and challenges students to consider the basic issues inherent in a community as they create their own programs working with youth, the elderly, the disadvantaged and others in sites such as schools and homeless shelters, and as they form advocacy groups concerned with the environment, family and poverty issues. Dwight Hall enables more than 3,000 undergraduates to volunteer annually with more than 150 community organizations, providing over 100,000 hours annually.

Undergraduate leaders of over 70 student-run programs are members of the Dwight Hall Student Cabinet, which provides support and resources to help all student volunteers in their work. Beyond serving as an information clearinghouse for all members of the Yale community who wish to volunteer, Dwight Hall offers several community service internship programs and frequently hosts discussions with community and national leaders.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Financial Aid

Hall of Graduate Studies
Rm. 129, 320 York St.
Info.: (203) 432-2379

The Graduate Financial Aid Office provides students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with information about financial aid and student loans. Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Professional school students should contact the financial aid officers in their respective schools.


Graduate Student Housing Department

Helen Hadley Hall
420 Temple St.
Info.: (203) 432-2167 (dorms); (203) 432-8270 (apartments); or www.yale.edu/graduatehousing

The Yale Graduate Housing Department maintains on-campus student apartments and dormitories. Unit descriptions, applications procedures, rates and other information can be found on the department's website. Office hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Off-Campus Housing Office

155 Whitney Ave., 3rd fl.
Info.: (203) 432-9756 or www.yale.edu/offcampushousing

For those students -- as well as faculty and staff -- seeking housing opportunities in the private sector, Yale offers an Off-Campus Housing Service (available only to members of the Yale community, current I.D. required). Rental listings include apartments, houses, rooms and shares that are available in the Greater New Haven area. Access can be obtained through any computer on the campus at the website listed above, and incoming students are invited to use terminals in the Off-Campus Housing Office. Its hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Information about bed-and-breakfasts is also available online.

International Education and Fellowship Program

55 Whitney Ave., 3rd fl.
Info.: (203) 432-8685 or www.yale.edu/iefp

The Office of International Education and Fellowship Programs (IEFP) supports the fellowship and study-abroad programs at Yale College. For information and advice, students may visit the office Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Students who wish to receive e-mail announcements about fellowships and/or study abroad may subscribe to the IEFP mailing lists on the office's website.
Many Yale students study abroad as undergraduates or after they graduate. Over 100 juniors participate in the Junior Year/Term Abroad program each year, but many others study abroad during the summer, on a leave of absence or after graduation. To help students explore their study-abroad options, an adviser offers weekly scheduled appointment times and walk-in hours, and study abroad information meetings are held throughout the year. If students wish to get the student perspective about study abroad, an informal network of study abroad peer advisers is available for consultation by e-mail or in person. For more information, see the IEFP website or call (203) 432-8684.

Each year Yale College students compete for grants, fellowships and scholarships to support research, internships, study and other activities. Fellowship advisers provide information and guidance to students and alumni of Yale College who are seeking to identify and apply for funding opportunities at Yale, in the U.S. or abroad. The IEFP library contains printed resource materials as well as collections of student interview reports and commentaries. The website lists numerous fellowships for summer and term time, as well as for postgraduate opportunities. Many deadlines for seniors occur early in the fall term (e.g. Fulbright, Marshall, Mitchell and Rhodes scholarships); students are urged to consult the website for details. For general inquiries about fellowships, call (203) 432-8685. Grants and fellowships offered through IEFP and other Yale offices and departments are listed in a searchable database: http://studentgrants.yale.edu/.

The Richard U. Light Fellowship Program provides full funding to undergraduate and graduate students for intensive language study in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea during term time, academic year or summer. For information about this fellowship, call (203) 432-8675.

Minority Student Organizations

Info.: (203) 432-2907

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs in Yale College maintains lists of minority student organizations and information concerning special programs and opportunities for minority students. Contact Dean Betty Trachtenberg at the above-listed number or visit Rm. 105, Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, corner of Grove and Prospect streets.

Office of International Students and Scholars

246 Church St., Suite 201 (Effective Nov. 1, the office will be located at 421 Temple St.)
Info. (203) 432-2305; www.oiss.yale.edu; or send e-mail to oiss@yale.edu

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is responsible for the general welfare of the more than 3,300 international students and scholars at Yale. OISS staff members are available to answer questions and help with any problems that students, scholars and their family members might have, including concerns about their social and personal adjustment in the United States and other personal matters and concerns.

To introduce new students and scholars to OISS services and programs and to make sure they have entered the United States in the proper status, all newly arrived international students and scholars and accompanying family members must bring their passports and immigration documents to the OISS upon arriving in New Haven. Information about the orientation activities for the international student and scholar community, including an international spouses and partners orientation, is available at the registration.

OISS maintains two e-mail lists to inform international students and scholars about OISS and other activities, application deadlines and changes to U.S. immigration regulations. For more information on these, contact OISS at (203) 432-1549 or send e-mail to oiss@yale.edu. Faculty, staff and other members of the University community are welcome to join this list.

Among the other programs OISS offers are English conversation groups for speakers of English as a second language, the U.S. and Academic Culture Workshops, the International Scholar Mentor Program and the International Spouses & Partners at Yale (ISPY) group. OISS announcements are found on the website at www.oiss.yale.edu/about/oissnewslist.asp.

OISS also serves as a resource on immigration matters for the Yale community and is Yale's liaison to those federal agencies concerned with matters related to international students and scholars studying and working here. The office issues the U.S. government documents needed to apply for a student or scholar visa under Yale's immigration sponsorship, and processes requests for extensions of authorized stays, school transfers, employment, etc. As U.S. immigration regulations are complex and change rather frequently, students, scholars, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the office or check the OISS website for the most recent information.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. (the office opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays).

Resource Office on Disabilities

William L. Harkness Hall
Rm. 103, 100 Wall St.
Info.: (203) 432-2324; TYY/TDD may call (203) 432-8250; or www.yale.edu/rod

The Resource Office on Disabilities, a separate program within the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs, facilitates individual accommodations for students with disabilities, and by so doing, works to remove physical and attitudinal barriers which may prevent the full participation of students with disabilities in the University community. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The office serves students with disabilities enrolled in all University undergraduate and graduate programs. Registering with the Resource Office on Disabilities is a required first step for students who wish to request a disability-related accommodation or service. The services of the office are tailored to individual students and their disability-related needs. Documentation of the disability or condition is required, and confidentiality is maintained.

The office also assists students who have temporary disabilities to secure time-limited accommodations such as accessible campus transportation services and course accommodations/services. In addition, it provides technical assistance to faculty, staff and students on disability issues, and can provide disability-awareness information and training to members of the Yale community and to campus organizations.

Student Employment

246 Church St.
Info.: (203) 432-0167 or www.yalestudentjobs.org

The Office of Student Employment is a resource for undergraduate, graduate and professional students seeking hourly positions at the University and in the local community. Job search tools, postings and employment information for current employees are located on the office's website, listed above. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Student Financial and Administrative Systems

246 Church St.
Info.: Specific numbers listed below; or www.yale.edu/sfas

All units of the Department of Student Financial and Administrative Services (SFAS) -- except Associated Student Agencies (see listing above) -- are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm. The following is a listing of SFAS offices, their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Student Financial Services Center

Student Accounts -- Billing, 1st fl., (203) 432-2700 (phone); (203) 432-4126 (fax); e-mail: sfs@yale.edu.

Cashiering -- Payments, 1st fl., (203) 432-2700 (phone); (203) 432-7557 (fax); e-mail: sfs@yale.edu.

Undergraduate Financial Aid -- Scholarships and loans, 1st fl., (203) 432-2700 (phone); (203) 432-0359 (fax);
e-mail: sfs@yale.edu.

Registrar, Faculty of Arts and Sciences -- 3rd fl., (203) 432-2330 (phone); 432-2334 (fax); e-mail: fas.registrar@yale.edu.

Dining Services -- 4th fl., (203) 432-0400 (phone); (203) 432-0404 (fax). See complete listing for Dining Services below.

Student Employment -- 2nd fl., (203) 432-0167 (phone); (203) 432-8111 (fax); e-mail: student.employment@yale.edu. See complete listing for Employment above.

I.D. Center -- Lower Level, (203) 432-0165 (phone); (203) 432-8292 (fax); e-mail: id.center@yale.edu.

Student Information Technology Services -- 3rd fl., (203) 432-4199 (phone); (203) 432-2787 (fax).

Associated Student Agencies -- Lower level, (203) 432-1888 (phone); (203) 432-7447 (fax). See complete listing for Associated Student Agencies above.


Yale College provides tutoring to undrgraduates enrolled in a range of academic subjects, from drop-in and one-time appointments to long-term individual assistance, depending on need. For more information on requesting or becoming a tutor, consult the information below on tutoring in the following areas: Science and Quantitative Reasoning (including economics):www.yale.edu/yalecol/students/academics/tutoring/math.html

Foreign language: www.cls.yale.edu/tutoring.

Writing, Humanities and Social Science: www.yale.edu/writing/tutoring.

Undergraduate Career Counseling Services

55 Whitney Ave.
Info. (203) 432-0800 or www.cis.yale.edu/career

Undergraduate Career Services (UCS) offers programs and resources to help students and alumni of Yale College further their career goals. The office's primary tasks are helping students make informed choices concerning employment and educational opportunities and supporting them in the successful execution of these choices. Students can schedule appointments at any stage in this process by calling the above-listed number.

In addition, a range of programs and resources are available, including numerous career fairs and information meetings that are held throughout the academic year. Information is available regarding employment in the private, public and non-profit sectors, as well as graduate and professional study. The office's website includes job listings, recruiting information and internship databases.

For general information and referral, call the number listed above. For information on applying to medical school, or to contact the Health Professions Advisory Board, call (203) 432-0818.

Undergraduate Organizations

Info.: (203) 432-2908

All undergraduate organizations not operating exclusively within a particular residential college that conduct meetings periodically, sponsor activities on the Yale campus, provide a service or raise funds within the University for charitable or other purposes must register with the Office of Student Affairs of the Yale College Dean's Office, Rm. 105, Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, corner of Grove and Prospect streets.

All returning organizations must register by the first week of October. Access to funding through the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee is not permitted until a group's registration is complete and up-to-date. For further information, see Appendix D of the Undergraduate Regulations or contact the Office of Student Affairs at the above-listed number. For information about graduate and professional student organizations, group representatives should contact their school's dean's office.

Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale

211 Park St.
Info. (203) 432-4131 or www.yale.edu/afam

Emerging in response to student initiative and creativity during the 1960s, the Afro-American Culture Center at Yale University seeks to develop an environment in which cultural diversity is understood and respected throughout the campus community and beyond. In Oct. 2004, the center celebrated its 35th anniversary with over 400 black alumni in attendance -- the largest gathering of Yale black alumni in the history of the University.

The center supports Yale's mission to be responsive to the cultural, intellectual, developmental and social needs of a complex and diverse student body by incorporating undergraduate, graduate and professional students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni and members of the New Haven community into a constituency of common interests. Symbolizing "home" for those who aspire to greater understanding and appreciation of African-American, Afro-Caribbean and African culture, the center and its student organizations provide a wide range of academic support and advisement, leadership skills training, and cultural/socio-political programming. Events such as lctures, poetry slams, cultural center teas, political forums, career planning, tutoring and mentoring of youth in New haven and a host of other activities take place regularly.

Through the years the center has hosted and co-sponsored such speakers as Paul Rusesabagina, Keith Beauchamp, August Wilson, Bobby Seale, Mutabaruka, Branford Marsalis, Paule Marshall, Nikky Finney, DJ Renegade, Kate Rushin, Thomas Glave, Warrington Hudlin, Spike Lee, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Aaron McGruder, Kathleen Cleaver, Sekou Sundiata, Bill Dyson, Na'im Akbar, Lani Guinier, Henry Louis Gates, Kurt Schmoke, Dr. Ben Carson, Ruth Simmons, Andrew Young, Walter Fauntroy, Danny Glover, Toni Harp, Marion Wright-Edelman, Julian Bond and Randall Robinson, among many others.

The core of the cultural center is its 25 student organizations, which include black Greek lettering organizations, the Black Church at Yale, Black Graduate Network and the Black Student Alliance, as well as other ethnic group organizations for West Indian, African and mixed race heritages; lesbian/gay/bisexual support groups; academic support and pre-professional societies; mentoring and tutoring for New Haven youth; literary publication; and theater ensembles.

For further information, contact the center's staff at (203) 432-4131 or visit the center's website at the address listed above.

Asian American Cultural Center

295 Crown St.
Info.: (203) 432-2906 or www.yale.edu/aacc

Established in 1981, the Asian American Cultural Center, in cooperation with affiliated student organizations, promotes Asian-American culture and explores the social and political experience of Asians in the United States. The center and affiliated student organizations are committed to the intellectual, cultural, social and political development of the Asian-American student community. To best serve these needs, the center's groups work closely to bring diverse programming to campus on a weekly basis -- speakers, discussion groups, conferences, dinners, writers, study breaks, artists, activists, movie nights, etc.

Over 35 undergraduate organizations are affiliated with the center. Students of Filipino, Chinese, South Asian (Nepalese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan), Taiwanese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and other Asian backgrounds work together to address pan-Asian-American issues as well as provide programs that focus on specific individual ethnic group issues. The center also serves as a clearinghouse of information on issues that affect the Asian-American community.

The Asian American Cultural Center maintains a library with a collection of books, papers, videos and magazines, and is equipped with a kitchen, computer room, conference rooms and a TV/VCR lounge. The center's hours are Monday-Thursday, 4-10 p.m., and Sunday, 2-6 p.m. Saveena Dhall, assistant dean of Yale College, is the center's director.

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

80 Wall St.
Info.: (203) 432-1134 or www.yale.edu/slifka

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale is the center for Jewish cultural and religious activities and kosher dining at Yale. Students, faculty, New Haven residents and visitors are invited to attend lectures by visiting scholars, dignitaries and experts in their fields; view permanent and rotating exhibits by a wide variety of artists; enjoy musical and theatrical performances, as well as world premiere film screenings; attend free non-credit courses and participate in text study; and more.

The Kosher Kitchen is housed in Heyman Commons on the center's lower level, where members of the Yale and New Haven communities enjoy kosher meals. Weekdays, when school is in session, breakfast is served 8:30-9:30 a.m.; a dairy lunch is offered 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; and a meat (glatt kosher) dinner with vegetarian alternatives is offered 5-7 p.m. Yale students may transfer meals from their dining halls or may become members of the Kosher Dining Meal Plan. Meals may also be purchased individually on a cash basis. Reservations for Shabbat meals can be made by calling the front desk.

A wide variety of organizations call Slifka Center their home. Yale Hillel, part of the national Jewish Student Campus organization, implements a variety of educational, cultural, religious and social action programs. Young Israel house at Yale oversees kosher dining and programming for Orthodox students at Slifka. Reform Jewish Students at Yale, Yale Friends of Israel, Jewish Women at Yale, the Yale Yiddish Reading Group, the publications Urim v'Turim and the Yale Israel Journal, the Yale Klezmer band and Magevet (an a cappella group dedicated to Jewish and Israeli music) are all based at Slifka Center. On Sunday evenings, Slifka Center hosts The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.

Slifka Center offers Jewish religious services throughout the year. The Downtown Minyan, a Conservative egalitarian group, meets every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. During the academic year, Orthodox services are held daily at 7:30 a.m. and again in the evening around sundown. Conservative services are held several mornings a week. Information about the days and times is available from the center. Friday evening Shabbat services (Reform, Conservative and Orthodox) begin at 5:30 p.m. Shabbat dinner is served at 6:30 p.m. Saturday morning services begin at 9 a.m. for Orthodox and 9:30 a.m. for Conservative/Egalitarian. Shabbat lunch is served at 12:30 p.m.

McDougal Graduate Student Center

Hall of Graduate Studies
320 York St.
Info.: (203) 432-BLUE (2583), mcdougal.center@yale.edu or www.yale.edu/graduateschool/mcdougal

The McDougal Center focuses on graduate student life and professional development. It is comprised of several units working together to bring a variety of programs and services to graduate students and postdoctoral appointees.

The Office of Student Life, directed by Lisa Brandes, is responsible for student life programs in the McDougal Center and for graduate student services in general. McDougal Graduate Fellows, who are current graduate students, produce a wide array of programs, including monthly happy hours; arts, music and cultural events; wellness sessions; a literary magazine; writing workshops; community service opportunities; sports and recreation outings; and events for various student groups, especially women students, international students and students with families. Student Life staff provide advice and support to individual graduate students and to graduate student organizations, which sponsor events at the center.

Graduate Career Services, under the direction of Mary Johnson, is a comprehensive career center for graduate students and postdocs providing programs, individual counseling, services such as on-campus recruitment and videotaped mock interviews, and Web and print resources in order to educate students about careers. Programs include workshops, panels and multi-part series on career-related topics to help students with academic and non-academic career searches.

The McDougal Graduate Teaching Center, directed by Bill Rando, enhances the preparation of Yale graduate students and postdocs for their current or future teaching responsibilities. Peer-led teaching workshops, teaching forums and individual consultations are offered. The center also works with faculty members and departments in the development of discipline-specific training in teaching, course and syllabus design, leading discussions, running lab classes and working with student writing.

The McDougal Center is housed on the first floor and basement level of the Hall of Graduate Studies (HGS). The common room has a furnished lounge with magazines and wired and wireless Internet ports. It is home to the student-run Blue Dog Café, which serves coffee, tea and light foods during the day. Other center facilities include a large program room and a seminar room, both of which can be reserved by students groups; a recreation room with a TV/VCR and foosball plus a children's corner; an Information Technology Services computer cluster with a printer copier; telephones; information kiosks; lockers; vending machines and the Resource Library. The Graduate Student Assembly, the Graduate School representative body, has an office in Rm. B43 HGS in the McDougal Center, and holds its biweekly meetings on Wednesday nights in Rm. 119 HGS. The combined Resource Library offers a collection of reference books, materials and Web links on careers, teaching, fellowships, writing and graduate student life. The McDougal Center hires students each year to work in the café, assist with projects and staff the center at nights and on weekends.

The center is open to members of the Yale community Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-11 p.m., and weekends, 11 a.m.-11 p.m., during the academic term. Activities are announced in the weekly e-mail notes from each office, through specialized e-mail lists, and on the career, teaching and student life Web calendars on the center's website (listed above). Inquiries about the center can also be made by visiting the office in Rm. 123 HGS.

Puerto Rican/Chicano/Latino Cultural Center

301 Crown St.
Info.: (203) 432-0856

La Casa Cultural provides a "home away from home" and is a central gathering place for many Puerto Rican, Mexican-American, Chicano and other Latino students at Yale. Within the three-story, 19th-century redbrick house, students create a sense of community and work with the greater New Haven community on a number of projects. In this cultural center, students generate activities, whether they are exchanging food recipes in a fully equipped kitchen, discussing Latin American issues with one of the many scholars who come to speak at the center or just taking a break from their busy schedules to watch TV. In addition, students who visit the center will find a large event space on the first floor, an ever-expanding library of books and resource materials on Latino topics, a computer room where students write papers, check their e-mail and conduct Internet research, a furnished conference room, a recreation room and student organization offices. Art exhibitions, poetry readings, lectures, dance parties, Latino Heritage Month, and various other cultural events are sponsored by La Casa Cultural.

The student organizations affiliated with the Cultural Center include: Despierta Boricua (DB), Movimiento Estudiántil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), Latin American Student Organization (LASO), La Alianza, Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholars Chapter, Los Amigos, East Coast Chicano Student Forum, Students of Mixed Heritage and Culture, and Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority. The Cultural Center is open to everyone in the Yale and New Haven community. Rosalinda Garcia, assistant dean of Yale College, is the center's director.

Native American Cultural Center

297 Crown St.
Info.: (203)432-2931

The Native American Cultural Center provides a place for students to meet, study, have dinners and relax. Native American student workers are employed by the cultural center to help create an atmosphere responsive to the community. In addition, students who visit the center will find a fully equipped kitchen, TV lounge, conference rooms, and a computer room where students can write papers, check their e-mail, and conduct Internet research.

The center hosts Native American speakers and a Powwow on campus. Regular trips to conferences, Native gatherings throughout the region and other American Indian cultural centers are an integral part of the Native American experience at Yale. The Association of Native Americans at Yale (ANNAY) is affiliated with the center. Rosalinda Garcia, assistant dean of Yale College, is the center's director.

Yale Women's Center

Durfee Hall basement
198 Elm St.
Info.: (203) 432-0388

There are a number of organizations on campus that are directly concerned with the status of women at Yale. Many of these groups meet at the Yale Women's Center. The center coordinates the activities of a variety of student groups and is also an informal drop-in space for various groups on campus. It is staffed weekdays and maintains resources such as a library, file system, newsletter and a bulletin board on women-related issues. Yale women are welcome to visit the center to relax and talk or to browse through the materials and learn about upcoming events.


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