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Yale University's Ever-Expanding
International Strength

President Richard C. Levin and President Hu
Jintao of China examine one of the books
that Hu presented to Yale during the first-ever
visit by a Chinese president to campus in April

Eight undergraduates visited villages and refugee
camps in Sierra Leone last spring under the
auspices of the Yale chapter of the College Council
for CARE.

In this increasingly interdependent world, universities such as Yale are "a powerful force for global integration, mutual understanding and political stability," wrote President Richard C. Levin in the cover story of Newsweek International on Aug. 21, 2006.

By bringing together students from around the globe, Yale and other universities are increasing tolerance and understanding among the young people who will be future world leaders, said Levin. And by promoting border-spanning scientific collaborations, he added, institutions such as Yale are fostering technological breakthroughs and changing how research is conducted throughout the world.

To achieve its goal of becoming a "truly global university," Yale has dramatically expanded its international initiatives over the past five years, and will be launching even more in the future. The success of this effort was acknowledged in that same issue of Newsweek, which ranked Yale in third place among 100 of "The World's Most Global Universities."

While it was impossible to include the vast number of Yale's international programs here, this supplement seeks to reflect the diversity and scope of the University's new and longstanding initiatives.

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