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Attracting the World's Top Students and Scholars

Need-Blind Admissions for International Students. In order to ensure that top students from around the world can afford to come to Yale College, the University extended its "need-blind" admissions policy to international applicants in 2000. Under the program, which previously covered only U.S. and Canadian applicants, students are admitted to Yale College without regard to financial need and are provided with sufficient need-based financial aid to cover the cost of attending Yale.

Outreach in South Asia. For the past two years, a Yale delegation led by alumnus and investment banker Sharyar Aziz '74 has traveled to Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan and Mumbai and New Delhi in India to promote undergraduate admissions. The group visited high schools, identified "feeder" schools, met with alumni, promoted the Yale World Fellows Program and helped to raise Yale's public profile in both countries. In addition, as part of a three-year effort to advance Yale in South Asia, Yale administrators and admissions officers are making annual spring and fall trips to the region.

Yale Week in Mexico. Another alumnus, Jaime Serra Puche '79 Ph.D., former secretary of finance in Mexico, was instrumental in mobilizing the Yale Club of Mexico to organize the inaugural "Yale Week in Mexico" last fall. The events included public lectures by five Yale faculty, off-the-record talks by faculty with business and diplomatic leaders, media interviews, two School of Management admissions events, and Yale College recruiting visits to 11 secondary schools. Yale is currently developing other ways to enlist its 30 alumni clubs overseas in the effort to recruit top international applicants to Yale College.

Summer Study for Foreign Students. As in recent years, a number of foreign universities sent students to study in Yale Summer Session courses in 2006. The universities which sent students include Fudan University in China, Peking University in China, the National University of Singapore, Seoul National University in Korea, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and the University of Tokyo.

China-Yale World Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences. Yale and the Chinese Ministry of Education have created a new program to attract top Chinese graduate students in the biomedical sciences to the Yale School of Medicine, where they will study in the renowned Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program. The goal of this effort is to train the next generation of China's scientific leaders to world-class standards.


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Attracting the World's Top Students and Scholars

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