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Research support. As in the past, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences provided a wide variety of summer funding to graduate students. This year, fully one-quarter of the John Perry Miller and Enders awardees did field research or language study abroad in 17 different countries. Still more students went abroad with the guaranteed summer study fellowship, used to complete programmatic requirements of many kinds.

International seminars. Students also attended international seminars and conferences. Faculty in both history and sociology, for example, sent students from specific seminars to meet with the students of their international collaborators in joint seminars. Still other graduate students had the opportunity to meet informally with the best in their fields. Deseree Meyer in physics and Bethany Cobb in astronomy were among 50 graduate students from the United States to attend the 54th Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting in Germany in June and July, where they had the chance to meet with Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

Language instruction. Closer to home, the Graduate School continued to sponsor English as a Second Language instruction for international students, and to fund summer language study at Yale's Summer Foreign Language Institute.


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