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President's trip to China

Honoring historic alumnus. During a trip to China in August, President Richard C. Levin took part in a celebration in Beijing marking the 150th anniversary of the graduation from Yale of Yung Wing, the first Chinese individual to receive a bachelor's degree at a U.S. university. Yung went on to organize the Chinese Educational Mission, which sent Chinese students to the United States. At the celebration recalling Yung's contributions, Levin noted the importance of strengthening student exchanges and educational cooperation between China and the United States today. He also released the Chinese edition of his latest book, "The Work of the University," which includes a portrait of Yung.

Presidential forum. The next day, Levin gave the keynote address at the Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum, which brought together over 150 university leaders to consider major issues facing colleges.

In his talk, "Presidential Leadership," Levin told the assembly, "This is a propitious time for such a gathering, for those of us outside China are watching with admiration the enormous investment your country is making to improve the capacity, quality and international standing of your universities. ... Today, those of us who lead universities elsewhere are deeply impressed by China's determination and commitment to improve the physical infrastructure of its universities, to reform its undergraduate curriculum, and to strengthen its faculty by introducing national and international searches and the systematic evaluation at the point of reappointment, promotion and tenure. We applaud your ambition and your efforts, and we welcome your leading universities as they take their place among the great seats of learning of the world." The full text of Levin's address can be found online at www.yale.edu/opa/president/speeches/20040804.html.


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President's trip to China

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