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Bulldogs in the Punjab

Studies in India. This summer marked the launch of "Bulldogs in the Punjab," a program designed to give Yale students a first-hand perspective on important development issues in India.

Participants in the program, organized by Yale students Elena Tej Grewal and Colleen Carey, visited government and non-governmental organizations addressing such issues as housing for slum and pavement dwellers, basic education and India's AIDS crisis. Among the groups that the students met with was the Society for Promotion of Area Resources Center, where former Yale World Fellow Celine D'Cruz is a member.

The students then undertook a variety of projects in the Punjabi cities of Ludhiana and Chandigarh. In the former, Aditi Anand did a study of whether education had improved for women in the slums and urban areas; Lindsay Bliss and Crissaris Sarnelli wrote a paper on their research on prenatal health care in the slum, urban and rural areas; Elena Tej Grewal wrote articles on local Ludhiana news for the English-language newspaper The Indian Express; Sailaja Paidipaty studied water quality and its links to the health of the population; and Krishan

Soni and medical student Elizabeth Wahl joined with scientists from Christian Medical College and Professor Richard Lifton of Yale to look at the genetics of heart disease in North India. In Chandigarh, Elizabeth Gerber and Elana Rosenthal worked in community medicine clinics, including an HIV awareness clinic.


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