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Yale College Summer Traveling Fellowships

Forty members of the Class of 2005 pursued research projects overseas with support from Yale College Summer Traveling Fellowships.

The Yale Summer Traveling Fellowships Committee oversees the awards, which are made possible through the income of a fund endowed in the memory of Robert C. Bates, one-time fellow of Jonathan Edwards College and member of the Yale faculty, as well as seven additional funds: the Hilgendorf Fellowship, in memory of William Hilgendorf, Jr. '67; the Wagster Fellowship, a memorial to Rhea Plunkett Wagster; the Kilborne Traveling Fellowship, in memory of Robert Stewart Kilborne, for travel to England and studies in the arts, history, or literature; the Lewis P. Curtis Fellowship, in memory of Lewis P. Curtis, for studies in the fields of history, philosophy, the arts, and letters; the David W. Baer Memorial Fellowship, for architecture or design; the John Boit Morse Memorial Fellowship, for a traveling fellowship to an art student; and the Tetelman Fellowship, in memory of Alan S. Tetelman '58.

All juniors in Yale College were eligible to compete for the fellowships, and the winners were selected from 144 applicants. The average fellowship amount was $3,275, depending on travel cost and length of stay. In most cases, the experience the students gained abroad will contribute to completion of their senior essays or other individual research projects.

The students, the fellowship they won and the projects they pursued are:

Curtis Fellowship

Una Au, Berkeley College (BK) -- France: research in the Archives Nationales into the political history of the founding of New France (Canada) and the roots of the eventual failure to sustain the French colony.

Avi Perry, Calhoun College (CC) -- Czech Republic: a study of the Jewish community of medieval Prague and of the historical circumstances that resulted in the Jewish legend of the golem.

Katherine Stevens, CC -- Northern Ireland and Ireland: a cultural anthropology project examining the lives of the children of Irish Travellers, a nomadic group in Ireland.

William Strom, Jonathan Edwards College (JE) -- England and France: research on the double bass in the 20th century, including playing techniques and its role in modern music.

Elizabeth Talbert, Timothy Dwight College (TD) -- France and Zimbabwe: a study of the purposes and effects of the international organization Women in Film in two of its affiliate countries.

Hilgendorf Fellowship

Christopher Hanson, TD -- Norway: a study of the long-term impacts of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games on Lillehammer, Norway.

Theodore Kaye, JE -- United Kingdom, Russia and East, South and Central Asia: to create a travelogue/documentary on the career of diplomat/adventurer Ney Elias (1844-1897).

Catherine Stewart, JE -- Scotland: an analysis of the fiction and poetry of George Mackay Brown and their roots in the folklore of the Orkney Islands.

Kilborne Fellowship

Meral Agish, Trumbull College (TC) -- England: a project to study and document -- through interviews and photography -- London's street art.

Matthew Devlin, BK -- United Kingdom: a study of migration, assimilation and notions of "neighborliness" in early modern England, using materials from the London Metropolitan Archives.

Wagster Fellowship

Juliet Lapidos, Davenport College (DC) -- France: a study of French nutritional theories of the 19th century, using society magazines and medical journals as primary sources.

Sarah Pearce, Silliman College (SM) -- Spain: for work in the Biblioteca Nacional on a morisco manuscript, written in a Romance dialect but in Arabic characters.

Baer Fellowship

Pablo Landa, BK -- Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and former Yugoslavia: exploration of the memory of medieval Spain as constructed in Jewish communities in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Allison Stielau, BK -- United Kingdom: research on depictions of language and literature in the architecture of William Burges.

Morse Fellowship

Christopher Grobe, CC -- Ireland: a study of contemporary Irish drama, seeking a holistic analysis of drama in the context of the changing face of Irish nationalism.

Bates Fellowship

Aravinda Ananda, JE -- Ecuador: an investigation of community-based development and an analysis of the sustainable development projects of an Ecuadorian non-governmental organization (NGO).

Sara Aronchick, Saybrook College (SY) -- India: a study of the Indian textile and garment industry, and the effects of the global economy on growth, inequality, employment and labor rights.

Amy Bonnaffons, Pierson College (PC) -- Brazil: a study of the Japanese-Brazilian community in Sao Paulo, especially with respect to labor relations.

Sarah Chang, PC -- South Korea: an investigation of the ways documentary methods have framed the histories of the victims of the Japanese Army's World War II sex slave program.

Miriam Clinton, CC -- Greece and Italy: archaeological investigation into possible Greek antecedents of a dolphin motif on tiles from a Samnite temple in the Sangro Vally, Italy.

Daniel Effron, DC -- France: to assist in a psychology research study on the development of the perception of emotional event duration.

Liana Eptstein, CC --Tonga and Samoa: an examination into possible causal relations between cultural variables and the rates of domestic violence against women.

Margaret Fox, JE -- France: a study of the decriminalization of homosexuality during the French Revolution, using primary sources.

Erica Franklin, JE -- Sweden: a study of gender equality in the context of public policies intend to make employment and motherhood compatible.

Hallie Haglund, Ezra Stiles College (ES) -- Brazil: to explore "Poesia Concreta," an avant-garde movement that combined poetry with music and plastic arts from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Magni Hamso, CC -- Ecuador: to research the effects of urban poverty on children and how NGOs, local grassroots projects and government initiatives work to alleviate this poverty.

Susan Keppelman, BK -- Costa Rica: to study sociological and political effects of free trade networks, and to examine the future of free trade as a development tool.

Bo Kwon, JE -- France: research on the writings of contemporary East Asian intellectuals and writers working in Paris.

Olga Lopusiewicz, DC -- Brazil: an examination of attitudes toward free trade among Brazilians.

Ashley Lynn, SY -- India: to create English translations of Swahili documents that were written in Arabic script from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Casey Miner, PC -- Mexico: a project to interview street vendors in Mexico City and to write a meditation on their lives in the contexts of government policies and tourism.

Helen Rubinstein, JE -- Russia, Moldova and Ukraine: to begin a manuscript on the life of her father, using the experiences of travel and the accounts of three generations.

Eric Seymour, Branford College (BR) -- Iceland: a project on social experiences of women and gender equity in Iceland, through interviews and photographic documentation.

Akshay Shah, JE -- India: a study of the possible efficacy of a traditional medical practice (ayurveda) in India as low-cost adjunct to allopathic treatment.

Samuel Walker, ES -- Netherlands: research at the International Court of Justice, to determine why the Genocide Convention was never invoked in the latter half of the 20th century.

Tetelman Fellowship

Vandana Balakrishnan, BK -- Spain: research internship at the University of Barcelona, to work on the synthesis of polymeric structures (dendrimers), which could prove useful in drug delivery.

Haninah Levine, BR --Israel: research internship in applied physics in the Department of Materials and Interfaces at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Brittany McClinton, TC -- Germany: research into the evolution of galaxies at the Max-Planck-Institut, and and lab work to develop instruments for taking astrophysical measurements.

Somabha Mohanty, TD -- United Kingdom: training and research in endangered species management at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey.

Christopher Palma, BR -- Switzerland: Research at the Swiss Tropical Institute on the ecology of Trypanosoma brucei, a parasite responsible for diseases in cattle and humans in sub-Saharan Africa.


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