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With support from a Barry Fellowship, Benjamin Siegel '07 (right) worked in India as an advocate for local residents who will be displaced by the Narmada River Dam project.

International Education & Fellowship Programs

Scholastic and research support. Hundreds of Yale students went abroad this summer to pursue scholastic, research or volunteer activities with support from grants and awards they received through Yale's Office of International Education and Fellowship Programs. These awards included:

Seapine Summer Fellowships for Spanish or Portuguese Language Study: Nine students undertook Portuguese language study through these fellowships: three at the University of Kansas program in Vitoria, Brazil, and six at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) program in Salvador da Bahia. Nine pursued Spanish language study: two with the Summer Institute for Hispanic Studies in Leon, Spain; three with Butler University COPA in Buenos Aires, Argentina; three with Georgetown University's program in Quito, Ecuador; and one with the CIEE program in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Richard U. Light Fellowships for East Asian Language Study: Sixty students completed language courses in East Asia with full funding provided by Light Fellowships, the largest fellowship program of its kind, which was initiated by a Yale graduate. Included were 11 freshmen, 23 sophomores, 15 juniors, 7 seniors and 4 graduate students. Thirty-eight studied Chinese, 18 studied Japanese, and 4 studied Korean

Thomas C. Barry Travel Fellowships: With this fellowship, which supports volunteer projects or other work or purposeful travel in developing countries, Mario Conde '06 studied water treatment technologies and conservationist policies in Brazil, and Benjamin Siegel '07 volunteered with a public service organization in India, working as an advocate for local residents who will be displaced by the Narmada River Dam project.

Class of 1960 John Heinz Government Service Fellowships: Dawn Lippert '06 interned with the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru, and Daniel Weeks '06 interned at the U.S. Consulate in Hamburg, Germany, with the support of this fellowship established by the Class of 1960 in honor of the late Senator John Heinz.

Kingsley Trust Associate Summer Travel Fellowships: Four sophomores undertook international study with these fellowships established in honor of Yale's Tercentennial by the Kingsley Trust Association (also known as the Scroll and Key Society). With the Harvey Cushing Fellowship in Science, Elizabeth Dohrmann studied autism treatment programs in Italy; with the Maynard Mack Fellowship in Humanities, Rachel Tess Korobkin studied three periods in public mural painting in Mexico, culminating in a book combining images with text from interviews and reflective writing; with the Harvey Cushing Fellowship in Science, Abigail Reider performed research and community service in Bolivia at a girl's shelter and at a non-profit children's hospital; and with the A. Bartlett Giamatti Fellowship in European Literature and History, Michelle Weitz studied the role of individual and collective memory in the construction of Polish national identity along its eastern borderlands.

Stacey Sanders Fellowship: Through this fellowship, Alem Woldegiorgis '06 conducted research on the mental and reproductive health of women in Eritrea, in conjunction with their socio-political rights as designated by religion, culture or secular law.

Summer Research in East Asia Travel Grants: With these grants, Jessica Fei '06 studied the response of urban youth to HIV/AIDS in China; Peter Hasegawa '05 studied foreign workers in the Japanese shipping industry and their effect on Japanese language, religion and culture; Christina Li '06 researched China's rapid economic growth and the legal and social obstacles faced by women in Chinese society; Kaitlyn Trigger '06 completed a research internship with Civic Exchange, a public policy think-tank in Hong Kong; and Taisu Zhang '05 researched the revival of traditional Confucian education at a high school in north China and the functioning of government and law in present-day rural China.


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