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Executive training. The School of Management (SOM) offered customized educational programs for international business leaders both at home and abroad this summer through its Executive Programs initiative.

SOM offered a three-day workshop on "Leadership" to senior executives from Greece and the Balkans on the island of Crete. This program was offered in conjunction with the Athenian Laboratory for Business Administration.

Chief executive officers (CEOs) from Western Europe attended a three-day multi-disciplinary program on the Yale campus, which was offered in conjunction with the Academy for Management at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. The CEOs attended a three-day program on "Power" at Harvard and then came to Yale where the theme was "Diversity and Responsibility."

SOM offered a four-day intensive program on "Finance for Executives" in June in Hong Kong. In May, SOM had offered an executive program on "Strategic Marketing Management in Hong Kong."

Senior executives from the Netherlands and the U.S. attended a multi-disciplinary six-day program on "Business Statesmanship" at SOM. The focus of the program is to foster better understanding of European and American perspectives on social responsibility, leadership and strategy.

Faculty projects. SOM also published papers and studies addressing such topics as China's market-unfriendly institutions (Zhiwu Chen), social and economic problems plaguing the European Union (Jeffrey E. Garten) and the effect of imports on U.S. manufacturing (Peter K. Schott). In addition, Edward H. Kaplan, the William N. and Marie A. Beach Professor of Management Sciences and Public Health, conducted counterterrorism research in Israel in June that focused on the tactical prevention of suicide bombings. Kaplan discussed his work with representatives of the Israel defense forces and its Foreign Ministry.


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