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‘Eco-friendly’ Yale merchandise

Yale will soon be offering eco-friendly T-shirts, tote bags and some paper products for alumni and friends who want to display the Yale logo. For cotton products, 100% organic cotton will be used, preferably with the cotton grown and the items manufactured in the United States and Central America; paper products will be chlorine-free and made of at least 50% post-consumer recycled materials; only plant-based or earth-friendly biodegradable inks will be used to print insignias; and sewn-on graphics will be made from recycled fabric.


Leading by action to promote a better future

New energy programs helping Yale to achieve its goal of
reducing greenhouse emissions 43% by 2020

Newest campus buildings have many earth-friendly features

Office works to make sustainability ‘everyone’s business’

In dining halls and classrooms, project raising awareness about relationship between ‘people, land and food’

Recycling ensures University’s trash is not going to waste

Regulated waste gets special treatment at OEHS

Eli Exchange

Adding zip to Yale’s sustainable transportation options

F&ES dean is an advocate for environmental action on and off campus

Yale experts tackling wide range of environmental issues

Scores of educational programs are devoted to ecological topics

‘Eco-friendly’ Yale merchandise

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