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May 26, 2000Volume 28, Number 33

Andrew Krause and Julianna Schantz-Dunn won Roosevelt L. Thompson Prizes.

Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize

The Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize is awarded to members of the senior class for commitment to and capacity for public service.

The prizes were presented during Senior Class Day exercises on May 21 to two students: Julianna Schantz-Dunn of Calhoun College and Andrew Krause of Jonathan Edwards College.

The honors were presented by Stanton Wheeler, the Ford Foundation Professor of Law and Social Sciences, master of Morse College and chair of the Council of Masters' Committee on Awards. His remarks follow.

Julianna Schantz-Dunn

Two-time captain of the Yale varsity women's ice hockey team, a leader on and off the ice, your grace and generosity within the life of Calhoun College and your University highlight your fine qualities. This together with your public health work in Peru demonstrates your commitment to vulnerable people from cultures other than your own, and your willingness to take personal risks for those things that intrigue you. Your dedication on behalf of others, and your ease and natural curiosity in relation to worlds less fortunate than the one that raised you, make us confident that you will demonstrate "moral leadership in the public sphere," for you have already done so. For all these reasons, we award you the Roosevelt Thompson Prize.

Andrew Edward Krause

We honor your compassion for humanity as demonstrated both in community work outside Yale and in Jonathan Edwards College. Over past summers you have given to others in need in the communities in which they live, at Project Renewal in New York and at Cathedral Shelter of Chicago, where you lived and worked designing and implementing an adult education program for homeless men, many with drug addiction problems. As reporter and editor-in-chief of the Yale Herald, you continued your public service efforts, and at Jonathan Edwards, where you served as head freshman counselor, you demonstrated sensitivity and leadership. For all these contributions, we award you the Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize.

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