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May 26, 2000Volume 28, Number 33

Joe Walland, Jennie Han and Louis Nkrumah were awarded David Everett Chantler Prizes.

David Everett Chantler Prize

The David Everett Chantler Award goes to the senior who best exemplifies the qualities of courage, strength of character and high moral purpose that were characteristic of the life of Mr. Chantler, Class of 1910.

The award was presented by Stanton Wheeler, the Ford Foundation Professor of Law and Social Sciences, master of Morse College and chair of the Council of Masters' Committee on Awards. His remarks follow:

Jennie Han

With the caprice of a summer breeze on your glider wings, two summers ago you went from nimble rock climber, figure skater, middle-distance runner and snowboarder to being the victim of a near fatality in a paragliding accident in far away Kazakhstan. You battled back through uncertainty, pain, surgery and rehabilitation to resume your already stellar academic career to finish Yale as the recipient of a Beinecke Fellowship, a Rhodes Scholarship and election to Phi Beta Kappa -- one who walks, runs and enjoys life. It is a tribute to your bravery and will power that despite great physical pain you have pursued your scholarship at the highest level.

Louis Nkrumah

You have compiled an extraordinary record of achievement in the face of adversity. You arrived in the United States from a distant home in Ghana with few financial resources. You faced a new culture, a new university and a new country, and you met them head on. Despite a demanding program of study -- a joint B.S. and M.S. program in molecular, cellular and developmental biology -- you devoted yourself to working with child-advocacy organizations both at Yale and in New Haven, and you also worked tirelessly to promote the internationalization of the University. You are a most deserving winner of the Chantler Award.

Joe Walland

You best exemplified the courage called for in the Chantler Award when in the Yale-Harvard game this season you inspired your team and all its fans with your charisma and determination to win for the Elis. Yours was a spirit that helped return the magic to Yale varsity football. What we did not know on the day of the Yale-Harvard game was that you played so well despite a fever and a broken toe. That you are also regarded as a fine citizen of Timothy Dwight -- in the words of your Master, a quintessential mensch -- only adds to your luster. We take institutional pride in presenting you with the David Everett Chantler Award.

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