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Fellowship winners to pursue
summer study across the globe

Thirty-three juniors will travel this summer to such faraway places as Australia, Russia, Kenya, Guatemala, and the Spanish island of Menorca to conduct their own research as recipients of Yale College fellowships.

The 33, of 93 applicants, were selected on the basis of their having carefully worked out projects which they can complete during several weeks of the summer and which will contribute significantly to the development of their special educational interests.

The studies will cover such topics as urban and public housing in the Netherlands, the Russian Jewish writer Isaac Babel, the cognitive faculties of capuchin monkeys in Lake Nicaragua, the archaeological and epigraphic evidence of ancient Egyptian military structures in Egypt, and the painting of the Italian Amadeo Modigliani.

The awards, which range from $2,000 to $4,000 each, will be financed from the income of a fund endowed in memory of Robert C. Bates, a one-time fellow of Jonathan Edwards College and member of the Yale faculty, and through six other funds administered by the Yale Summer Traveling Fellowships Committee on behalf of Yale College: the Hilgendorf Fellowship, in memory of William Hilgendorf Jr. '67; the Wagster Fellowship, a memorial to Rhea Plunkett Wagster; the Kilborne Traveling Fellowship, in memory of Robert Stewart Kilborne, for travel to England and studies in the arts, history and literature; the Lewis P. Curtis Fellowship, in memory of Lewis P. Curtis, for studies in the fields of history, philosophy, the arts and letters; the David W. Baer Memorial Fellowship, for architecture or design; and the John Boit Morse Memorial Fellowship, for a traveling fellowship to an art student.

The fellowship winners and the projects they will undertake follow.

Bates Summer Traveling Fellowship

Annie Barrett of Silliman College -- Study the unique quality of urban and public housing in the Netherlands for six weeks.

Alena Bartoli of Calhoun College -- Study the petrology and geology of the ore deposit at the Zod gold mine on the contested border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as of the political questions raised by this American economic venture.

Margaret Leith Boitin of Ezra Stiles College -- Explore the life and works of the Russian futurist Iliazd in Russia and France.

Pamela Bookman of Pierson College -- Visit the Gorky and Eisenstein archives in Moscow to find material on the Russian Jewish writer Isaac Babel.

Spencer William Durbin of Davenport College -- Travel to Guatemala to study the use and ethics of pesticides by farmers in the small village of Santa Maria Tzeja.

Nora Ericson of Branford College -- Explore the land of, and paint in, the Lofoten and Vesteralen Islands of Norway.

Greta Ge Gao of Calhoun College -- Investigate in China the history, evolution and politics of that country's national college entrance examination.

David Goldenberg of Calhoun College -- Study the cognitive faculties of capuchin monkeys in Lake Nicaragua, in a small island off the coast of Ometepe in Nicaragua.

Avery Johnson of Jonathan Edwards College -- In Russia, study the history of Stalinist historians of the Stalin era.

Anna Kaye of Jonathan Edwards College -- Conduct anthropological research in Taiwan on that country's evolving tradition of presenting money as wedding gifts.

Laura Kennington of Branford College -- Locate and study, in Moscow, Communist Party records pertaining to the Party's influence in 20th-century North Carolina.

Daniel MacPhee of Timothy Dwight College -- Conduct geological field work at Andros Island, Greece, on a rare piemontite-bearing schist.

Colleen Manassa of Trumbull College -- Examine the archaeological and epigraphic evidence of ancient Egyptian military structures in Egypt.

Manal Prakash Mehta of Trumbull College -- Study the history of Kenyan democracy drawing on records and interviews in England and Kenya.

Kathryn Mulvihill of Ezra Stiles College -- Study the small informal poetry groups that currently flourish in Ireland and investigate how the publishing industry in Dublin treats the poetry produced by members of these groups.

Sophie Oberfield of Saybrook College -- Travel to France to study manuscripts on Antoine Galland's 1704 French translation of "The Thousand and One Nights" and research its food-historical context.

Juliana Ochs of Jonathan Edwards College -- Study the rituals and meaning of formal dining at Cambridge University, England.

Megan O'Sullivan of Pierson College -- Spend the summer in Galway, Ireland, to understand the relationship of the town to its burgeoning live theater scene.

Matthew Stewart of Ezra Stiles College -- Travel to Spain to observe the extradition proceedings against the former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet.

James David Waldinger of Branford College -- Research in Australia the "Kimberly Scheme" for the resettlement of German Jews before World War II.

Lewis P. Curtis Fellowship

Marie Dalby of Davenport College -- Inspect and study the relics of medieval saints in Italy.

Michael A. Lewanski Jr. of Branford College -- Through research in Russian archives, collect material to write a biographical article about Ilya Musin, the late St. Petersburg musical conducting pedagogue.

Jeremy Strong of Trumbull College -- In Paris, study the art of Peter Brook, the theater director known for his interpretations of Shakespeare; and in Montmartre, France, and Florence and Venice, Italy, examine the painting of the Italian Amadeo Modigliani.

Howard William Hilgendorf Fellowship

Joshua Marks of Jonathan Edwards College -- Recover the role of French foreign minister Couve de Murville in the 1960s European community by inspecting his papers in Paris and Brussels.

Courtney E. McIlduff of Jonathan Edwards College -- Conduct field work in Australia to compare how gymnastics training environments there contrast with those in the United States, and how differences impact the gymnasts' identities.

Robert Stewart Kilborne Fellowship

Michael C. Motto of Silliman College -- Travel to England to examine the representations of blackness in British art and literature.

Julian F. Perrin of Morse College -- Visit England and Italy to study the import of the Grand Tour in the antique collecting of 18th-century Englishman Sir John Soane.

Rhea Plunkett Wagster Memorial Fellowship

Andrea Anushko of Jonathan Edwards College -- As a guest of the Anna Freud Centre in London, study its innovative approaches to early childhood education.

Sabrina Baronberg of Branford College -- Inquire about the practice of women's health education and family planning in Bolivia and Peru.

Sarah K. Loose of Ezra Stiles College -- Travel to the cities and countryside of El Salvador to study the teaching of history and how it varies from region to region.

David W. Baer Memorial Fellowship

Justin Reynolds Beal of Calhoun College -- Visit Chandigarh, India, to inspect the urban design of the architect Le Corbusier.

Judy Sue of Saybrook College -- Research the city churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren in Oxford and London, England.

John Boit Morse Memorial Fellowship

Elizabeth Livingston of Branford College -- Paint the monuments, coastline, harbor and architecture of the Spanish island Menorca.


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