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June 15, 2001Volume 29, Number 32Two-Week Issue

Dr. Richard H. Granger

Noted pediatrician and children's
advocate Richard Granger

Pediatrician Dr. Richard H. Granger, a long-time member of the faculty and a former master of Morse College, died April 9 at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Granger was 76.

Known as a tireless advocate for children and for the quality education of pediatricians, Dr. Granger served on the faculty of the Child Study Center since 1969 and had his own pediatric practice in New Haven from 1954 to 1969. He was master of Morse College 1975-82.

Dr. Granger was devoted to training pediatricians who understood the inter-
face between psychological and physical development. His work at Yale included establishing a program to train community pediatricians in the developmental and behavioral aspects of pediatrics. Many of his fellows went on to become active teachers and policy makers in the subspecialty of developmental or behavioral pediatrics.

The Yale pediatrician also developed a model for the continuing education of pediatricians that brought them together with child psychiatrists to work collaboratively on challenging developmental and behavioral problems facing families. His model was emulated around the country through programs supported by maternal and child health federal grants.

As part of his interest in and contribution to the field of child development, Dr. Granger authored the government-sponsored publication "Your Child from One to Six." Known for writing in a way that helped make complex issues clear to parents, he recently served as an editor of the Child Study Center's soon-to-be-published book for parents "The Yale Child Study Center Guide to Understanding Your Child."

Dr. Granger supervised three major building expansion phases for the Child Study Center: the Provence-Harris Child Development Unit, the child psychiatric inpatient unit, and, most recently, the Neison and Irving Harris Building. He was known among his colleagues for his eye for a balance in architectural form and function. As part of the celebration of the dedication of the new Harris building, Dr. Granger completed a history of the Child Study Center, where he had served with three of its four directors.

"He was a man of remarkably broad interests and an ever-present curiosity and sensitivity that infused his teaching and mentorship, his caring of patients and his citizenship," says his friend and colleague Dr. Linda Mayes, the Arnold Gesell Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Child Study Center and associate professor of pediatrics and of psychology.

Dr. Granger also took an active role in the local and national communities. He served as president of both New Haven's Dixwell Community House and the New Haven Area Mental Health Association, and he headed the research unit of Connecticut's Mental Health Association. He also was a delegate to the White House Conference on Children, and played an integral part in working to eradicate hunger and malnutrition among the nation's poor children.

Dr. Granger is survived by his wife, Dr. Elsa Stone of Guilford; two sons, Rick Granger of Irvine, California, and Rod Granger of New York City; a daughter, Patty Lawson of Acton, Massachusetts; and five grandsons. Donations may be made to the Dr. Richard Granger Memorial Lectureship in Pediatrics and Early Childhood Development at the Yale Child Study Center, 230 South Frontage Rd., New Haven, CT 06520.


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