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May 31-June 21, 1999Volume 27, Number 33

Graduate Student Awards

GRADUATE SCHOOL PRIZES. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences presented the following awards at this year's Commencement: The John Addison Porter Prize -- Blair Gerald Hoxby, who received the prize for his dissertation "Traffic in Words: Literature and Trade in the Age of Milton." The prize was established in 1872 by the Kingsley Trust Association (The Scroll and Key Society) in honor of Porter, a Yale professor, and is awarded for "a work of scholarship in any field where it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts or principles or both and to make the product of general human interest"; The Theron Rockwell Field Prize for a poetic, literary or religious work by any Yale student -- Mark Atwood Lawrence for his dissertation "Selling Vitenam: The European Colonial Powers and the Origins of the American Commitment to Vietnam, 1944-1950." The Field Prize was established in 1957 by Emilia R. Field in memory of her husband, a member of the Class of 1889; The Harding Bliss Prize, presented by the Faculty of Engineering and awarded to a student who has completed his or her Ph.D. thesis during the current academic year and "who has done the most to further the intellectual life of the department" -- Whye-Kei Lye, department of electrical engineering ($500 and silver bowl); the Henry Prentiss Becton Graduate Prize awarded by the Faculty of Engineering for exceptional achievement in research -- João Hespanha, department of electrical engineering ($500 and certificate); the Dirk Brouwer Memorial Prize for a contribution of unusual merit to any branch of astronomy by students in the department -- Alison Isabel Sills and Sydney Agnello Barnes; the John Spangler Nicholas Prize for outstanding doctoral candidates in experimental zoology -- Amy Jan, Nathan Lawson, Howard Rosenbaum and Zhaoxia Sun; the Marguerite A. Peyre Prize for a distinguished student in the French department -- Caroline Weber; the William Ebenezer Ford Prize for distinction in study or research in mineralogy -- Rebecca Masters and Aaron Taylor; the Philip M. Orville Prize for a geology student who demonstrates outstanding research and scholarship in the earth sciences -- Steven Petsch; the Frederick W. Beinecke Prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of Western American history -- Elizabeth Anne Fenn; the George Washington Egleston Historical Prize for a graduate or undergraduate research student who "discover[s] new facts of importance for American history" or uses existing data to gather information or reach conclusions that help further scholarship in the same subject -- Daniel Jared Cohen and Yale College senior Geoffrey Mark Kabaservice; the Hans Gatzke Prize for the outstanding dissertation in a field of European history -- Mary Elise Sarotte and Mark Atwood Lawrence; the Arthur and Mary Wright Prize for the outstanding dissertation in the field of history outside the United States or Europe -- Gregory James Grandin and Eric Taglioacozza; the Frances Blanshard Fellowship Fund Prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the history of art department -- Michael Lobel, Adam Herring and Cheng-hua Wang; and the Sylvia Boone Prize, which honors the noted scholar of African art who was the first tenured African-American woman on the Yale faculty -- Camara Holloway.

COCA-COLA WORLD FUND GRANTS. Coca-Cola World Fund grants support overseas summer travel for graduate and professional students' projects of applied research or internships that focus on the intersection of at least two of the following fields: international law, international business, and international affairs and public policy. Eleven 1999 grants were awarded to graduate students. Their names and departments or schools are: Ming-Chi Chen, sociology; Charlene Chu, international relations; Helena Chung, international relations/epidemiology and public health; Maame Ewusi-Mensah, Law School; Carlos Gonzalez, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Aarti Gupta, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Xiangmin Liu, political science; Sylta Paysen, international relations; Eric Sievers, Law School; Anusha Sinha, epidemiology and public health; and Lei Zhang, School of Management/international relations.

MUN YEW CHUNG FELLOWSHIPS. Mun Yew Chung Memorial Fellowships provide support for research and writing on China. Three students have been named recipients for the 1999-2000 academic year. Their names and departments are: Haini Guo, history; Anne Kleinman, political science; and Hongwu Ouyang, political science.

YCIAS DISSERTATION RESEARCH GRANTS. YCIAS Dissertation Research Grants provide support for research outside the United States to students who are studying international relations, history or the social sciences and who have completed all pre-dissertation work before the academic year of the award. The names, and schools or departments of the six award recipients are: Christopher Gehrz, history; Andrew Mathews, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies/anthropology; Patricia Nordeen, political science; Montira Pongsiri, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies/epidemiology and public health; Meredith Weiss, political science; and Yi Zhao, political science.

YCIAS PRE-DISSERTATION RESEARCH GRANTS. Twenty-one students received YCIAS Pre-Dissertation (Mini) Research Grants, which provide aid to graduate students in history or the social sciences for pre-doctoral dissertation research this summer. The names and schools or departments of the grant recipients are: Richard Akresh, economics; Deborah Baumgarten, history, Wiebe Boer, history; Katharine Darst, political science; Stefano Dominioni, sociology; Stephen Fisher, anthropology; Helena Hansen, School of Medicine/anthropology; Maya Jasanoff, history; Roger Levine, history; Lingfeng Li, economics; Willem Mass, political science; Thomas McDow, history; Carolina Monsalve, sociology; Erik Myrup, history; Martin Nesvig, history; Gabriel Reynolds, religious studies; Nili Solomon, anthropology; Stephen Vella, history; Jodi Weinstein, history; Jonathan Winkler, history; and Tiantian Zheng, anthropology.

COUNCIL ON SOUTHEAST ASIA STUDIES AWARDS. The Council on Southeast Asia Studies awarded funds to eight students for language study and summer fieldwork in Southeast Asia. Pre-dissertation students receiving awards are: Damon Hill, anthropology; John Neidel, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and Lien-Hang Nguyen, history. Master's and professional degree students receiving awards are: Machiko Inoe, international relations; Tiffany Lin, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Johnathan Mathiesen, international relations; Suk Bae Rhee, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; and Kinari Webb, School of Medicine.

HENRY HART RICE FELLOWSHIPS. Twelve students were named Henry Hart Rice Research Fellows. The awards provide support for graduate-student research outside the United States in the humanities and social sciences. The names and departments of this year's recipients are: Yun Fan, sociology; M. Caleb Jacobson-Sive, history; Victoria Langland, history; Nara Milanich, history; Thomas Miley, political science; Stephen O'Brien, history; Jacqueline Ortiz, sociology; Jennifer Ottman, history; Mark Overmyer-Valazquez, history; Brian Rohlik, history; Andrew Sackett, history; and Daniel Tsadik, history.

HENRY HART RICE FOREIGN RESIDENCE FELLOWSHIP. The Henry Hart Rice Foreign Residence Fellowship, which supports a research-related residency in a foreign country, was awarded to Jennifer Turner, Latin American studies, who will reside in Cuba.

AGRARIAN STUDIES FELLOWSHIPS. Agrarian Studies Fellowships are awarded to graduate students in support of interdisciplinary work in any field on agrarian themes. The names and departments/ schools of this year's recipients are: Richard Akresh, economics; Eric Allina-Pisano, history; Valerie Bodet, international relations/School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Katharine Darst, political science; Eva Garen, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Vladimir Gil, anthropology; Michelle Herder, history; Roger Levine, history; Tiffany Lin, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Thomas McDow, history; Min Qi, economics; Suk Bae Rhee, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; and Sylvia Stone, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

EAST ASIAN STUDIES DISSERTATION GRANTS. Eleven students received East Asian Studies Dissertation Research Supplementary Grants, which provide aid to Ph.D. students who expect to pursue research on their doctoral dissertations during the next academic year. The names, departments and countries where the students will conduct research are: Yang-Suk Cha, political science, Korea; Chin-Sung Chang, history of art, China; Ming-Chi Chen, sociology, China; Wenhao Cheng, political science, China; Yun Fan, sociology, Taiwan; Haini Guo, history, China; Anne Kleinman, political science, China and Malaysia; Haoming Liu, comparative literature, China; Kristin Mulready-Stone, history, China; Elizabeth Owen, history of art, China; and Yi Zhao, political science, China.

EAST ASIAN STUDIES SUMMER LANGUAGE GRANTS. Eight graduate students were awarded East Asian Studies Summer Language Mini-Grants for the summer language study of Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The names and departments or schools of the recipients are: Donna An, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Lei Chen, East Asian languages and literatures; Tinling Choong, East Asian languages and literatures; Geoffrey Cunnar, anthropology; Bingyi Huang, history of art; Drake Langford, East Asian languages and literatures; Lorraine Patterson, history; and Melinda Varner, East Asian studies.

EAST ASIAN STUDIES SUMMER TRAVEL GRANTS. Twelve students received East Asian Studies Summer Travel Grants. Their names, departments/schools and countries where the students will conduct research are: Donna An, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Korea; Sara Chen, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, China; Linus Enriquez, anthropology, China; Stephen Fisher, anthropology, Japan; Yu-Chih Lai, history of art, China; Shi-yee Liu, history of art, China; Stephen Platt, history, China; Jun Saito, political science, Japan; Alicia Volk, history of art, Japan; Shou-chih Yen, history of art, China; Zikun Yu, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, China; Qian Zhang, sociology, China.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS PROGRAM AWARDS. The Award for Excellence in International Relations was given to Alan James Canzano, M.A. '99; the Miguel Ferreyros Memorial Award for Academic Excellence in International Relations Joint Degree Program was given to Maria Hristova Ivanova, M.A. '99.

SUNRISE F0UNDATION FELLOWSHIPS. Sunrise Foundation Travel and Research Grants are awarded to students involved in international and area studies programs to support research or study abroad in an "emerging market" country. This year's recipients are Charlene Chu M.A./M.B.A. '00 and Gustavo Rodriquez M.A./M.B.A. '00.

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