Yale Bulletin and Calendar

April 12, 2002Volume 30, Number 25

Transatlantic polo

Pictured are scenes from the first Atlantic Cup polo tournament, which pitted teams from Yale, Oxford and Cambridge universities April 6-7 at the University's Polo and Equestrian Center. Pictured above is an image from the round-robin chukkas (short matches) between the men's and women's teams from Yale. Below left, a Yale rider leads his mount to the polo rink. Below right, another Yale participant prepares a horse for a match by weaving its tail (to keep it out of the way of swinging mallets).


Zedillo named head of Center for Study of Globalization

Other International Initiatives at Yale University

SOM Institute to explore how corporations are regulated by world's governments

Journalists covering Latin America will discuss the region's 'global reach'

HUD secretary to visit as a Chubb Fellow

Visiting architect describes his creative process

In Focus: Yale Recycling

Exhibition features art by 'consummate storyteller'

Peabody receives grant for Machu Picchu exhibit

Difficult quest for black education explored in forum

Noted psychologist Neal E. Miller, pioneerin research on brain and behavior, dies

Study estimates the likelihood of stroke in elderly patients who have had heart attacks

Biotechnology companies are thriving in Connecticut with help from Yale science

Lecture to explore how biomaterials 'will change our lives'

Conference on 'God and the Ethics of Belief' pays tribute . . .

Event to explore latest research on mental illness

Gustav Ranis reappointed as Henry R. Luce Director of YCIAS

'Hot Flashes' explores world of womanhood after 50

Museum spearheading annual cleanup of New Haven Harbor

At the powwow

Transatlantic polo

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